Letter: Compromise best for farmers market


To the editor:

Just a few comments on the changes in the farmers market.

I enjoy going by and buying fresh produce in the morning, especially if company might be coming for dinner. Strawberries, corn, tomatoes — these particular items are so much better fresh picked.

Many of the sellers are people I know and enjoy talking to. The proposed changes will cause a definite lack of appeal for the customer who goes there for fresh picked produce.

Why not compromise?

Let the local gardeners go ahead and bring in their fresh fruit and vegetables in the mornings and have the special designated times for those who want more variety and don’t care if the vendors come from other places?

Can’t we have both?

Why does it have to be one or the other? Before I retired from the city in 2003, I worked with others to set up a place for local truck farmers to sell their fresh-picked produce. I hate to see this stopped.

Sometimes compromise is the answer.

Martha McIntire, Seymour


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