In elementary school, Torri Boldery stayed active participating in various sports.

Her love of athletics transitioned once she got to Crothersville High School.

Although she did cut back on basketball, Boldery became active in other sports as she ran cross-country and played softball for four years, and was a cheerleader for two years.

Boldery began her softball career playing in youth league games and s playing second base for the Tigers this spring.

“I really like whenever there is a pop fly to you because that really tests you, and you know you have to catch it,” Boldery said. ” I like how we all work together. That’s probably the best thing, and being in the infield you can really see that happen.

“The communication is incredibly important. This year I think is the best year we’ve had in communication with the team and it really shows.”

The senior has seen her game develop even in her senior year.

“This year is the best year I’ve ever hit, and I think that is a lot because of our coaches,” Boldery said. “The coaches actually taught us how to hit the ball. I would always hit the ball way too short on the bat, and this year I learned to focus how I hit.”

She said she has to be ready hit the first pitch.

“It depends on the pitcher, but usually they all try to throw strikes on the first one, and on the second one they throw something different, and if they have two strikes and no balls, they’ll try to throw a fake out,” Boldery said.

“I like pitches to be lower because when they’re higher it’s harder for me to judge. I don’t know how many times I’ve struck out this year, but I know its way less than last year at this point.”

The Crothersville seniors are playing for their fourth different head coach this spring.

“It has been an adjustment because everyone has been teaching different,” Boldery said. “This year is completely different than last year. I’m not upset about it at all. It’s great.”

Boldery said she enjoyed her running in the fall.

“I was in cross-country since I was in middle school, and we were always told we couldn’t do anything because of the boys (program), and this year we had such strong runners like Breanna (Barger) and Piper (Hensley) and it was just really great to be part of the team,” she said.

“I’m glad I was with them since the beginning. We all had a set time on the team, and I just tried to be ahead of certain girls on my team and tried to stay up with girls on other teams, and just try to compete.”

The past two basketball seasons, Boldery took the basketball sidelines.

“A senior last year always encouraged me to (cheer) ever since I was a freshman,” Boldery said.  “I never really thought it would be my thing, but I wanted to try it out and I ended up having a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it.

“The home games were the best. My favorite thing was cheering at home because we had certain cheers we would do. It was always so organized, and I loved it.”

She said you have to work hard to have success in anything you choose to do.

“Practice is incredibly important,” Boldery said. “Every summer we’d have summer weights 7 a.m. until 8 a.m. and then I’d go over to cross-country practice, so I was at school every single day. There was no off days and that really helped me a lot.

“I think the mental part of athletics is just as important as the physical, and I’ve always thought that. Cross-country taught me that. Cross-country is one of the most mental sports out there.”

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Name: Torri Boldery

School: Crothersville High School

Parents: Janice and Tim Boldery

Siblings: Storm, David

Sports: softball 4 years, cross-country 4 years, basketball 1 year, cheerleader 2 years

Athletic highlights: XC-mental attitude 4 years, SAC champions 2015; cheerleader- most spirited award

Organizations: Sunshine Society president, student council, S.A.D.D., band, choir, science club, art club

Plans after high school: attend college

Favorite food: pasta

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite band: Mumford and Sons

Favorite movies: “Before I Disappear”

Favorite athlete: Indiana University

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Q: What’s it like attending CHS?

A: “I love Crothersville. You really know your teachers. You can talk to them if you’re having trouble with something. You can feel free to ask questions in class and not worry about anything.

Q: What will you miss most about athletics?

“I’m going to remember my friends the most. I’ve always said that about every sport. I’ve made so many friends because of sports. I’m incredibly thankful for that.”

Q: What was it like winning the school’s first SAC championship in cross-country?

A: “I knew right then that it would be something I would remember forever, and it really is. Any time I’m getting down on something, I always think about how great that was, and how much fun I had with the team, and the look on (coach Carl) Bowman’s face.”


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