Essay contest winners selected


Tribune staff reports

Rose Acre Farms recently conducted an essay contest for local students in fourth through eighth grades on topics covering egg nutrition and modern farming practices.

More than 250 students participated in the essay contest this year from various schools in Jackson County.

Winners present at the annual community fun day March 26 were presented with their awards during the event. The remaining awards will be presented to the student at their school locations in April.

The 2017 contest will be announced to the local schools in January 2017.

The ranking and honorable mentions in each grade are as follows:

Fourth grade: First, Avery Stewart, St. Ambrose; second, Elise Hartung, St. Ambrose; third, Aleigha Zike, Emerson Elementary; fourth, Ayden Burke, Emerson Elementary; fifth, Adriano Caceres, St. Ambrose; sixth, Allison Ward, St. Ambrose; seventh, Andrew Lemming, St. Ambrose; eighth, Natalee Martinez, St. Ambrose; ninth, Landon McKay, St. Ambrose.

Fifth grade: First, Caitlin Loper, Brownstown Elementary; second, Emily Myers, Brownstown Elementary; third, Melanie Gonzalez, St. Ambrose; fourth, Trevor Alberring, Immanuel; fifth, Bailey Tabeling, St. Ambrose; sixth, Eduardo Bustos, St. Ambrose; seventh, Libby Dippold, St. Ambrose; eighth, Ashley Clemente, St. Ambrose; ninth, Maria Morales, St. Ambrose; 10th, Reuben Kruse, Immanuel. Honorable mention: Trevor Wiesehan, Cortland Elementary; Marlo Cornn, St. Ambrose; Amir Morales, St. Ambrose; Sydney Hill, Immanuel; Conner VonDielingen, Immanuel; Liza Stuckwisch, St. Ambrose.

Sixth grade: First, Marcus Brooks, Immanuel; second, Sarah Lemming, St. Ambrose; third, Kennedi Lakins, Crothersville; fourth, Kiarra Lakins, Crothersville; fifth, Mia Pintor, St. Ambrose; sixth, Sydney Stewart, St. Ambrose; seventh, Carson Carpenter, St. Ambrose; eighth, Samantha Jacobi, St. Ambrose; ninth, Valeria Ramirez, St. Ambrose; 10th, Marina Soto, St. Ambrose. Honorable mention: Gabe Baker, St. Ambrose; Andrew Levine, St. Ambrose; Kaylee Caudill, Crothersville; Fletcher Stephens, St. Ambrose; Casey Regruth, St. Ambrose; Zac DuBois, St. Ambrose.

Seventh grade: First, Avery Koch, St. John’s; second, Christian Fowler, St. Ambrose; third, Maggie Connell, St. John’s; fourth, Lorenz Rosas, St. Ambrose; fifth, Jocelyn Soto, St. Ambrose; sixth, Roman Ramirez, St. Ambrose; seventh, Sydney Jaynes, St. John’s; eighth, Lauren Knieriem, Immanuel; ninth, David Juarez, St. Ambrose; 10th, Ewan Hernandez, St. Ambrose. Honorable mention: Kirby Hill, St. Ambrose; Camryn Reichenbacker, St. Ambrose; Bailey Cain, St. John’s; Tanner Bauserman, St. John’s; Katherine Benter, St. John’s; Jimena Leal, St. Ambrose; Jennifer Pence, St. John’s.

Eighth grade: First, Christian Claycamp, Immanuel; second, Kaleb Baumgartel, St. John’s; third, Hannah Romero, St. Ambrose; fourth, Libby Wischmeier, Immanuel; fifth, Anna Benter, St. John’s; sixth, Cameron Connell, St. John’s; seventh, Amelia Hessong, St. John’s; eighth, Austin Clemente, St. Ambrose; ninth, Meredith Ponce, St. Ambrose; 10th, Kate Snook, St. Ambrose. Honorable mention: Abby Lemming, St. Ambrose; Gustavo Acevedo, St. Ambrose; Emma Gillaspy, St. Ambrose; Peyton Levine, St. Ambrose; Rain Rosas, St. Ambrose; Haidy Romero, St. Ambrose.

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