Seymour hosts celebrity softball, alumni baseball games


Ryan Huddleston said the biggest difference he noticed in playing in the Seymour celebrity softball and alumni baseball games on Friday was the different size of the balls.

“The timing was different, but obviously the size of the ball makes a difference, too,” he said after batting in the alumni game at American Legion Field.

“You can see the softball a lot easier than you could the baseball, but when you get a couple at bats under your belt, everything kind of rolls back to what you’re used to.”

The softball game was a slow-pitch contest, while overhand pitching was used in the baseball game where Jeremy Richey and Elvis Hernandez started on the mounds.

“I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time,” Huddleston said. “Some of the guys I work with (at the Seymour City Police Department) also played (softball). It was a chance to get out here on the field and play with friends I hadn’t seen for a while, and that was a great thing.

“Same thing with the baseball game. It brings back some old memories. I’ve followed baseball since I’ve gotten out so I’ve watched some of these guys play, and before I was in high school I watched some of the older guys play. Getting back on the field with all of us together is kind of a neat thing to experience.”

While Huddleston played an outfield position, the first baseman on his team was Brian Campbell.

Both played baseball at Seymour with Campbell having graduated in 1981 and Huddleston graduated in 1995.

Campbell, who was a three-sport athlete at Seymour said the baseball game brought back old memories.

“Playing on a beautiful field with a bunch of friendly people, I’ve enjoyed it,” Campbell said. “I want to do this until I can’t walk any more. If I can’t walk, I’ll come out and cheer them on anyway. I put a lot of hours in on this field.”

Huddleston and Reuben Cummings helped Team Orange defeat Team Yellow 15-11 in the softball game.

Cummings, who pitched for the Orange team, said, “I enjoy slow pitch softball anyhow, but it was fun to get a bunch of guys I used to play softball with back in the late 1990s, come out here, and just a bunch of friends from around town. The field looks great. Jeremy has done a great job getting it ready, and has done a good job putting on an event for us.”

“It’s a great thing they’re doing, making for a fun weekend. We’re having a ball out here tonight.”

Following a couple of at bats, Cummings admitted he felt, “miserable. I’m old and I’m stiff, but I’m having fun trying again.”

Dave Earley caught for the yellow team.

“It’s fun, for years we all played pretty competitive but this is more no rules barred and just go out and have fun,” Earley said

Earley said he was cautious about swinging a bat and running since he suffered an Achilles injury a few years ago.

“The last time I played, I snapped my Achilles tendon in church league so I was just out here kind of going through the motions,” Earley said.

The softball game was played with 60-foot bases and the baseball at 90-foot bases.

Huddleston said he couldn’t tell much of a difference between running the 60-foot and 90-foot bases.

“I appreciate the high school putting this on, and they’ve done a great job with the facility and I look forward to doing this in the future,” Huddleston said.

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