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Bryce Carpenter looks forward to helping the Seymour baseball team this spring wherever he is needed.

The senior hopes to see a lot of action at second base and on the mound, and said there are a lot of things to think about playing both positions.

At second base, duties include covering first base on a bunt or covering second base on a steal.

“I look mainly for left-handed hitters to hit the ball to me, or if we have a faster pitcher on the mound like Janzen (Bloom) or someone (facing right-handed batters), then more balls are going to be hit to me,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said that in preseason practice the coaches had the players work a lot on game situations.

“Before the season started, we went through bunts, like where to go and stuff, and the coaches have focused on communication mostly, so before a play happens the catcher comes out and calls a signal and we all communicate with each other where to go,” he said.

“There’s a lot of thinking to (defense), but mainly, I like it.”

When pitching, Carpenter throws three different pitches — fastball, curve and change-up.

He said he tries to use the same arm angle and same release point on each of his pitches to not tip them off to the opponent.

Carpenter changes speeds between his fastball and change-up he uses a different grip.

“You grip the ball with more fingers, and just go with the same arm speed,” Carpenter said. “With more fingers it slows it down, but it makes it look like a fastball still.

“I throw a 4-seam fastball. Two-seam has more movement usually, so I use a 4-seam because I have more control with it. I just feel more comfortable with four seams. My curveball, I grip it on the seams to get more movement on it.”

When on the mound, Carpenter cherishes the moment.

“I like being in control of the game and how everything runs through me,” he said. “(Getting ahead in the count) helps a lot. Mentally you’re better off throughout the entire count if you know you’re ahead. It loosens things up more. Typically, I like to go with my fastball first.”

He said he enjoys hitting, and that includes bunting.

“I like bunting, but if I’m going to be somewhere in the order I’d like to be toward the bottom because you don’t see as much off-speed stuff,” Carpenter said.

“We work mainly on hitting the ball up the middle, line drives up the middle in the facility a lot. The coaches tell us that on the first pitch to usually expect a fastball, so a lot of times we swing on the first pitch.”

In the sectional last year, the Owls defeated Bedford North Lawrence, then lost to Floyd Central.

Carpenter said you have to have a good mental outlook in any sport you play, and you have to work hard in practice and it will take teamwork to have a winning record and win a sectional.

“We have a lot of talent,” Carpenter said. “It’s just a matter of bringing it together. Hopefully, we can get a sectional title and see where we can go from there.”

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Name: Bryce Carpenter

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Robin and Paul Carpenter

Siblings: Brady, Nick, Cody, Morgan

Sports: baseball 4 years

Organizations: National Honor Society

Plans after high school: attend Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, study business

Favorite food: steak

Favorite TV show: Dexter

Favorite athlete: Boston Red Sox

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Q: What’s it like attending SHS?

A: “There is a lot of opportunity, a lot of good classes, all good teachers, and I’ve enjoyed it for the most part. I’ve made a lot of friends in school, but a lot of my closest friends are on the baseball team, and I’ve always enjoyed it.

Q: Do you prefer day or evening games?

A: “Night games are fun but I like playing under the sun. I shield the sun with my glove. I really don’t like wearing eye shadow and stuff. I enjoy doubleheaders.”

Q: What are your favorite diamonds to play on?

A: “The (American Legion) Field looks awesome. It’s one of the nicer ones in southern Indiana and its just fun playing on it. Columbus East has a pretty nice field, and Floyd Central’s is nice too.”


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