Letter: State history column a treat


To the editor:

Since Sept. 19, 2013, and perhaps even before that day, a series of essays about Hoosier history, written by Andrea Neal, have regularly appeared in The Tribune.

I have found these writings to be concise, interesting and informative.

A note to readers following some of the articles indicated the essays would focus on the Top 100 events, ideas and historic figures of Indiana, beginning with the impact of the Ice Age and ending with the legacy of the bicentennial itself.

To date, these essays have covered a wide range of topics, including the Buffalo Trace, Chief Little Turtle, the Underground Railroad, Pigeon Roost, Round Barns and many others.

I commend Ms. Neal for her expertise in the writing of these essays. I also commend The Tribune for having printed more than 50 of the essays. These writings have deepened my appreciation for the history of our great state of Indiana.

It is my hope all of the remaining essays in this series will be in print before the end of the bicentennial year.

Having these 100 essays available in book form would be an excellent addition to the historical literature of our state. Hopefully, this will happen.

Raymond Bachmann


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