Appeals on Wheels set for visit


Tribune staff reports

Indiana’s second highest court plans to conduct oral argument in a case involving a domestic incident at 1 p.m. Friday at Brownstown Central High School.

A panel of judges, John G. Baker, Margret G. Robb and Robert R. Altice Jr., will hear Day v. State, a criminal case on appeal from Franklin County. The judges will answer student questions after the argument but not about this case.

The court has conducted more than 430 Appeals on Wheels events since its 2000-01 centennial. This argument marks the court’s fifth Appeals on Wheels event this year.

The Court of Appeals hears oral arguments across Indiana to enable Hoosiers to observe the court in action and learn more about its indispensable role in Indiana government.

Appeals on Wheels closely matches Indiana academic standards for U.S. government, which asks high school students to demonstrate their understanding of due process, judicial review and an independent judiciary.

The program also comports with College Board standards for advanced placement history.

In this case, Michael Day was convicted of disorderly conduct for a domestic incident in which he yelled at and was hostile to his wife inside their home. When police responded to the wife’s 911 call, they were able to hear the yelling from outside the home.

Day appealed his conviction, contending the evidence is insufficient to support a finding that he committed disorderly conduct because that crime is an offense against the public order, and fighting in one’s own home should not qualify.

The argument is open to the public and will last approximately one hour. The event is sponsored by the school corporation, Brownstown Chamber of Commerce and the Jackson County Visitor Center.

Anyone planning to attend, however, should call the chamber of commerce at 812-358-2930 or the visitor center at 812-524-1914 to be placed on the guest list because seating is limited.

Reporters, including student journalists, may ask the court’s permission to record the argument in audio, video or photographic formats.

Email requests to court administrator Larry Morris at [email protected] at least 48 hours before the scheduled start of the argument.

Per Indiana Supreme Court order, all video cameras must be tripod-mounted, and both video and still cameras cannot employ flash or strobe lighting.

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What: Appeals on Wheels

When: 1 p.m. Friday

Where: Brownstown Central High School auditorium, 500 N. Elm St., Brownstown

Cost: Free

Sponsors: Brownstown Chamber of Commerce, Brownstown Central Community School Corp., Jackson County Visitor Center

To reserve a spot on the guest: Call the chamber at 812-358-2930 or the visitor center at 812-524-1914



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