Chase Booker has played multiple positions for the Medora basketball team the past three seasons, but he says his favorite spot is at guard.

“I like to play the wing more, point guard maybe sometimes,” he said. “I feel real comfortable shooting 3-pointers.”

Booker ranks among the team leaders in 3-pointers.

He scored 26 against Shoals, and the three games before that he netted 21 against Martinsville Tabernacle and 20 against both Lanesville and Orleans.

“I like to set up on the right side and shoot with my right hand,” Booker said of setting up in the Hornets’ offense. He said he likes that angle “in case I want to drive it and I can use my right hand. I would rather face a zone because we can set up more isolation plays and get some easy buckets for our players that are hot.

“We love to use the fast break. (At Cannelton) we had it all night. That was the maybe our most points scored with fast breaks. It was open the whole time.”

With the transition game being important to the Hornets’ success, Booker said he enjoys pressing.

“I set up in the front,” he said. “I guard the ball and force the player to the sideline, and try and get a trap.”

Booker said when the Hornets are in their half-court defense, “I personally like to go zone because I feel our team executes better. We play a 2-3. That is our most basic zone. I play in the middle on the bottom. I can’t have any post points. I play a lot of ‘helpside.’”

The senior currently leads the team in rebounding.

“I just like blocking someone out and getting a big rebound for my team and setting up the transition game,” Booker said.

Booker attended Jennings County High School his freshman year but said he enjoys playing at a small school.

“I like playing with my teammates,” he said. “I know them so well because it’s a small school and I see them every day. I feel like we have a strong connection, which I can’t say for past years, but this year I feel we can get stuff done, as a team.”

He said working hard in practice us a must.

“Practice translates into games,” he said. “If you just go through the motions to your week of practice, you’re probably going to go through the motions in a game, and not do very good, but if you bust your butt in the week of practice you’re going to come out with a victory.”

Booker has ran track the past two years and said he is considering competing again.

His favorite event is the low hurdles.

“The distance helps me keep my pace. I can jump over them pretty well and help my team score some point and get a win,” Booker said. “I like the 400 relay. We’re usually pretty good at it. We won it a couple times last year.”

Booker said it takes a good mindset to succeed in any sport that you play.

“Personally, the mental part is the biggest part, because if you can’t keep your head in the game then you might as well not even play,” he said. “If you’re thinking about something else while you’re playing a sport, you’re not doing any good for yourself or your team.”

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Name: Chase Booker

Parents: Jason Booker, Carissa Lakins

Siblings: Blade, Nadia

Sports: Basketball, three years; track and field, two years

Athletic highlights:Playing in Indiana Elite North-South game

Organizations: Student council

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Q: Do you like attending Medora High School?

A:  “I’ve enjoyed having my teammates in my classes every day. My friends that don’t play basketball; I can see them during the day through the classes. Kids I like I see in the hallways and after school. I’ve had a lot of fun here.”

Q: What are your duties as a captain on the team?

A: “It’s been a big role. I feel like being a leader of my team has helped us get a couple of wins. I love directing my teammates on defense and helping them out rather than just scoring all the points or getting all the stats. I would rather be a leader than a ‘stat stuffer.'”

Q: What’s your outlook on the rest of the season?

A: “We play some pretty good schools during the season, and our sectional is pretty tough. We have to worry about Borden this year. If we put our heads together I think we can beat anyone in it. We’ve been playing pretty good team ball, so if we keep this up we need to get a couple more wins before the sectional to get our confidence up.”


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