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In their first ever competition as a team, going up against a high school group from Shelbyville, the Immanuel Lutheran sixth grade cheerleading squad put together a score of 88 to be crowned Grand Champions.

The Warriors also were named champions in their intermediate elementary division and the Red Carpet smile award in session two at JAMfest Live! on Jan. 25 in Louisville, Kentucky.

A Red Carpet smile award is awarded to a team with the best entrance onto the stage.

“They have come a very long way,” head coach Sarah Bumbleburg said. “They have put a lot of work into it. This squad will compete again for sure. It’s kind of in their blood. I see them doing it in the future. I’m proud of them and it was a fun experience by all.

“The whole experience was supposed to be like a Hollywood, red carpet experience. They got a trophy that looks like an Oscar, T-shirt, banner for division champs and sunglasses.”

The team has six members — Addison Bumbleburg, Regan Cain, Kayla Goecker, Paige McCammon, Kaelyn Miller and Ally Russell — and are coached by Sarah Bumbleburg along with assistants Danielle Shelley, Shay Cornwell and Jessica Mettin.

“All of our stunts went up good,” Miller said. “We tumbled and didn’t fall. It felt really good.”

The Warriors were disappointed at first, as the wrong champions were named at the finale.

With no deductions or falls, the team was surprised to be named second.

“At first, they announced the high school team as winners,” Shelley said. “The girls were kind of disappointed, but after talking to the judges they told us to go on stage and the girls were excited.

Feller was named a “celebrity standout” for her tumbling performance at the competition.

“(Feller) was one of our major tumblers,” Sarah Bumbleburg said. “All the girls had a tumbling pass, but she had two and tumbled into a stunt — she’s able to throw a back tuck. She threw a back tuck at least twice. When I was in the judge’s stand, they asked me who the girl was who tumbled and it was her.”

Feller said she felt like a celebrity at the event.

“I’ve cheered since I was 10 and tumbled since I was three,” she said. “I think my tumbling was good and stood out. I did everything well that day, it was perfect.”

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