Letter: Letter to the Editor Louis Brandt


To the editor:

First about myself. I’m a 75 year old male, a former smoker (quit in 1992 after almost 40 years) and my wife and I enjoy going to the casinos.

We have never understood how Indiana state politicians could be so greedy as to allow the big money form gambling lobbyist convince them to exempt casinos from the no smoking ban.

There has been times when we had to leave a casino because the air was so bad. Most recently, we went to Rising Star at Rising Sun, and the air was so bad that we just turned around and walked out.

Never spent one cent. Just feel sorry for the poor people who have to work there. They need the jobs and the money or they wouldn’t be there.

I have talked to several of them over the years, and the majority of the employees would welcome a smoking ban. Also have talked to a lot of patrons who would love to see a smoking ban at the casinos.

I have talked to a lot of people who have visited the new casino in Cincinnati, and they all have commented about how nice the air quality was. They have no smoking.

My wife and I have been to casinos in Illinois (Illinois has a smoking ban in casinos) and loved it. It was so nice to come out and not have your nose burning from smelling all the smoke.

Indiana is so righteous about how they are protecting the public from secondhand smoke, but when it comes to a possibility of losing a few bucks, just let them die of lung cancer. Indiana got its money.

I never understood why the board of health doesn’t step in and do something about this.

Maybe there should be a referendum vote on the ballet at the next election.

Louis Brandt


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