Don’t fall for property scam


The county recorder’s office is warning people of a scam targeting local property owners.

Jackson County Recorder Linda Auleman said she has received a couple of calls from residents since late December who received letters in the mail attempting to get money from them in exchange for a copy of their property deed.

The letters appear to be official, asking for $89, Auleman said, but are, in fact, a scam to get people to pay more for something than they need to.

One of the calls came from a man living in Reddington.

“He received a letter in the mail stating if he sent $89 that they would send him a copy of his property deed,” Auleman said. “I don’t know who the letter came from, just that it came from Indianapolis.”

She’s not sure if the scam targets anyone specifically but said those who have called her have been older residents.

Auleman said the scam is not new, and she remembers other residents receiving similar letters about three years ago.

“We had a few people inquire about it then, too,” she said.

Anyone needing a copy of their property deed should request it at the recorder’s office at the Jackson County Courthouse in Brownstown. The cost is $1 per page, and deeds usually are just a couple of pages long.

“If they want it mailed to them, they must send us a self-addressed stamp envelope as well as the money,” Auleman said.

Those who have doubts about a government-provided service being offered through the mail should contact that government entity directly, in this case the recorder’s office.

Auleman has not been made aware of any other scams involving property deeds at this time, she said.

Any person who has received a mailer and paid for services is asked to contact the Indiana Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint. Persons may call 1-800-382-5516 or go online at indiana

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