Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – January 22


Helping the cause

Thumbs-up to the many people who helped us look for our dogs. I don’t even know how to thank them. I wasn’t able to go look for them because my son was at a state wrestling tournament, and so many people shared my post and went out looking for them, even the police chief and his family were looking for them. I really just want to thank the community for helping and having a good outcome. My female was pretty scared and kept running from the police and everyone else.— Karrie Beavers, Seymour

Nurse friendly

Thumbs up to Schneck Medical Center in Seymour for being ranked the most nurse-friendly hospital in the nation for the third year in a row. The ranking comes from the nursing career and education website —, which rates hospitals across the country on the work environment they create for nurses. The nurse-friendly approach helps the hospital stand out across the nation.Special helpThumbs-up to the players, managers and coaches of the 15 teams from southern Indiana that participated in the 34th annual Seymour Noon Lions Club Special Olympics Basketball tournament Jan. 9 at Seymour Middle School. A related thumbs-up goes the members of the Lions Club and the volunteers they recruit to help with scoring, officiating and other jobs each year along with the companies that provide food for lunch for the teams.

Rising star

Thumbs-up to Karen Dringenburg of Seymour who was named to the All-Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference tennis team and conference Freshman of the Year. She also earned a trip to Costa Rica to play with some of that country’s best players and teach children there about the game.

High prices

Thumbs-down to whoever sets the prices for gas in Seymour. We bought gas Jan. 13, out of town (Taylorsville) again, 20 cents cheaper than Seymour. What do we need to do to get prices in Seymour similar to communities around us almost all the time. People around here work hard, and I hate to see them pay higher prices for gasoline when its cheaper all around Seymour.— William Hunt, Seymour

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