Jonesville man faces preliminary charges after traffic stop


A Bartholomew County man faces preliminary alcohol and drug charges related to a traffic stop Thursday evening in Seymour, police report.

Travis Manley, 27, of Jonesville was charged with operating while intoxicated, operating with a controlled substance in the blood and possession of a narcotic drug, according to a report from Cpl. Devin Cornwell.

Cornwell said the incident that led to Manley’s arrest began when a “concerned citizen” called 911 at 6:10 p.m. to report a man in a car on East Tipton Street. The caller told dispatchers that the motorist had crossed the center line multiple times and almost caused several wrecks.

Cornwell and Officer Mike Payne responded to the area, and Payne attempted to position his squad car behind the motorist, which again crossed the center line, Cornwell said.

Payne then stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of Deputy Electronics, just east of U.S. 31. As the vehicle came to a stop, police reported seeing a lot of activity inside the car and it appeared the driver was attempting to hide something under his seat.

Believing the driver, later identified as Manley, to be under the influence, Payne asked him he submit to field sobriety testing. Manley failed those test and almost fell asleep as officers tested him, Cornwell said.

A search of the drivers seat revealed a cigarette pack, containing a small corner baggie with a white powdery substance. When asked, Manley identified the substance as heroin and admitted that he had ingested some of it less than an hour ago.

A blood sample is being sent to the Indiana State Laboratory for verification.

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