Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – January 8


Great start

Thumbs-up to the Bicentennial Planning Committee of Jackson County and the volunteers who helped make the Bicentennial Ball on New Year’s Eve at Celebrations in Seymour a fun event and one to be remember by all who attended. The success of that event, celebrating the county’s 200th birthday, bodes well for other similar celebrations marking Brownstown’s Bicentennial on April 8 and the state’s 200th birthday on Dec. 11. Nice start to a year of celebrations that will include an activities in October and a Leap Year birthday party in February for everyone with a birthday on Feb. 29.

Community effort

Thumbs-up to Adam and Michelle Hall and others who helped and supported Martin and Connie Hernandez and their three sons in their efforts to relocate the family-owned business, Mi Casa Mexican Restuarante, in downtown Seymour. It’s a nice thing in this day and age to see a community come together to help a family-owned business survive and even grow.


Thumbs-up to Trinity Lutheran High School senior Madeline Lucas for receiving the four-year $80,000 Founders Scholarship through the Ben Franklin Scholars Program at Franklin College and Seymour High School senior Mackenzie Taylor for receiving a four-year $72,000 Founders Scholarship through the same program.

Top doc

Thumbs-up to Dr. Kenneth Bobb of Seymour for his 16 years of service as Jackson County’s health officer. He’s just the third health officer the county has ever had, and the others generally left the job when they died. Over the years, Bobb has been dedicated to improving the overall health of the community, and most would agree he has made a difference.


Thumbs-down to any motorist who drives into the flood waters of rain-swollen rivers endangering their lives and those called to rescue them. It happens in the same areas every time the East Fork White River floods, which is at least two or three times a year.

No thefts

Thumbs-down to people who take things that don’t belong to them including those who broke into two construction trailers at Cortland Elementary School this past week and took thousands of dollars in tools. Such things only lead to increase costs for everyone else.

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