County judge appointed pro bono chairman


Jackson Superior Court II Judge Bruce A. MacTavish is serving as an Indiana pro bono district chairman.

He was appointed by Indiana Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush.

His three-year term began July 1 and concludes June 30, 2018.

The commission strives to promote equal access to justice for all Hoosiers by facilitating the integration and coordination of existing services; fostering the development of new pro bono programs; supporting and improving the quality of existing pro bono programs; fostering the growth of a public service culture within the Indiana Bar, which values pro bono public service; promoting the ongoing development of financial and other resources for pro bono organizations in Indiana; and enabling Indiana attorneys to discharge their professional responsibility to provide pro bono services.

Jackson Superior Court II is Jackson County’s family court. MacTavish has served as judge of that court since it opened in January 2008.

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