Flooding issues to persist through weekend


Relentless rain in recent days will push the East Fork White River at Rockford to 17.8 feet this evening and stay near that level through the end of the week, according to the latest predictions from the National Weather Service.

At 17 feet, flooding of many local and state roads becomes more extensive in Jackson County. Extensive flooding of agricultural lands begins when the river reaches 16 feet. The river at Rockford was near that level at noon Monday.

On Monday, Sheriff Michael Carothers said there had been no reports of major problems for motorists in low-lying areas along the East Fork White River, although that could change if the river goes to 17.8 feet.

Through the weekend, police received a report of a vehicle stuck in mud up to its axles in the western part of the county.

Carothers said that motorist likely got off the road, and that’s going to cause issues with the amount of rain that has fallen in recent days.

The Muscatatuck River at Wheeler Hollow in the far southwestern part of the county was at 19.2 feet at 9 a.m. Monday. That river is expected to crest at 22.6 feet Thursday morning. Flood stage is 16 feet.

A flood warning continues until further notice for Jackson County, with flooding persisting for several days, according to the weather service.

Many county and state roads in a flood plain will become impassable due to high water. These include State Road 235 east of Medora, State Road 258 east of Cortland, County Road 725N and possibly State Road 39 south of Tampico.

Other local roads affected by high water include county roads near Vallonia and Shieldstown; Slab Road west of Brownstown; County Road 525N near the Seymour wastewater treatment plant; Honeytown Road; and possibly State Road 250 east of Dudleytown and State Road 256 west of Austin.

The weather service says rainfall since Saturday morning has ranged from 2 inches to more than 5 inches in central and southern Indiana. The weather service is estimating that 3 inches of rain have fallen in the Seymour area, with lesser amounts in surrounding communities.

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Historic crests for the East Fork White River at Rockford

1. 21 feet, March 26, 1913

2. 20.91 feet, June 8, 2008

3. 19.67 feet, Jan. 5, 1949

4. 19.53 feet, July 15, 2015

5. 19.50 feet, Jan. 16, 1937

6. 19.40 feet, Jan. 6, 2005

7. 19.39 feet, Jan. 22, 1959

8. 19.31 feet, Aug. 6, 2009

9. 19.20 feet, Jan. 10, 1930

10. 19.14 feet, Nov. 17, 1993


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