Letter: Touch-up projects would add pizazz to city

To the editor:

My name is Roberto Alvarado. I’m 16 years old and am a junior at Seymour Christian Academy.

I wanted to let you know that I enjoy living here in this small town called “Seymour.”

I have some suggestions that can make our small town look even nicer and classic. I feel like our downtown’s buildings need a new paint job, also our town should have classic looking light posts and classic looking street signs so it could be more attractive.

This could be eye opening for residents and the people who visit Seymour. There should also be more specialty stores and attractions and even more fun events, so people that have free time or do not have any plans can have fun. I also feel like there should be more decorations to the theme of the seasons and holidays. These things would make our town look unique.

Roberto Alvarado