Owl’s Nest 4-H Club

The Owl’s Nest 4-H Club met Nov. 24 at the Jackson County Public Library in Seymour.

After roll call, members recited the pledge to the American flag and the 4-H flag, respectively.

New club officers were chosen. They are president and treasurer, Bethany Carmichael; vice president, secretary and newspaper coordinator, Macy Casner; health and safety leader, Caroline McDonald; and recreation and song leader, Chloe Carmichael.

Green folders and premium monies were handed out to the Owl’s Nest 2015 members.

Enrollment for 2016 4-H continues through Jan. 15, and any project adds or deletes will need to be made by May 15, 2016.

Joey Soriano showed club members how to have fun without using electronics by making a couple different styles of paper airplanes.

Members discussed health and safety regarding the importance of knowing the person on the other side of the door this time of year and washing your hands and staying healthy.

New and transferred members, leaders and guests present for the meeting were Gracie Soriano, Joey Soriano, Caroline McDonald, Macy Casner, Bethany Carmichael, Nathan Carmichael, Chloe Carmichael, Missy Casner, Chris Soriano, Dee Carmichael and Suzie McDonald.

Refreshments were provided for all members by Caroline and Suzie McDonald.

The next meeting will be Jan. 26 at the library.

If you are interested in joining the club, contact Missy Casner at 812-522-2936 or [email protected] or the extension office at 812-358-6101.