Letter: Trump raises awareness on immigration topic

To the editor:

I really can not see why people think it is wrong to keep Muslims at bay.

For years you or anybody else could not go to the Soviet Union and no one from the Soviet Union was allowed here. So what is the difference?

Are we not supposed to protect the people of the United States? Are we suppose to let every blood thirsty person or doctrine come in here and take over what our forefathers and all Americans have been fighting for the last 300 years.

This is freedom, and when anyone comes into the United States and starts taking that freedom from us we need to protect what we have been protecting, our rights.

God intends on us to love one another, but he himself destroyed people that threatened Christianity.

Maybe everyone has forgot about the Great Flood, where Moses was spared because everyone else was evil, or where He destroyed a city because of their sinful ways.

I am not sure Donald Trump is the right person to lead this country, but he brings about a lot of questions that we need to be asking ourselves.

God bless everyone and keep faith.

Hubert Gregory