Anyone walking through downtown Seymour on Friday morning might have seen an unexpected sight.

Wrapped around many of the light poles were colorful scarves. It wasn’t to keep the light poles warm on a cold day, and no, the scarves weren’t lost or misplaced.

Attached to each scarf was a note, inviting anyone who needed it to take the scarf to keep warm.

The gesture is one of kindness and goodwill to all, especially those in need.

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But who was responsible?

The answer is Casey Cornett of North Vernon, an employee of Indiana Health Center, located in the Schneck Rehabilitation Services building on North Walnut Street, across from the Seymour Library.

Cornett said she purchased about 20 scarves locally with the intention of taking them to Indianapolis but was told by the sales clerk that there are a lot of people in Seymour that needed scarves.

“That’s why I decided to do it here,” Cornett said. “I wanted to teach my kids that we need to give back to those who don’t have as much as we do.”

It’s something she said her family does every year so the kids learn there’s more to Christmas than presents.

She found the idea for tying the scarves to the post on the Internet.

At first, she wanted to provide gloves and mittens, but the scarves were easier to tie around the poles, the mother of four said.

She never dreamed her actions would receive such response from the community.

“I am happy that the scarves made a big impact,” she said.

Pictures of the scarves were spreading rapidly on social media, with people liking and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

By 3 p.m. Friday, a post about Cornett’s efforts on The Tribune’s Facebook page had been viewed by more than 60,000 people. That post also had more than 4,900 likes, shares or comments.

Most of the scarves also were gone by that time.

Cornett said she will do the same thing in North Vernon soon, and her children will accompany her. They weren’t with her Thursday night when she worked her way through downtown Seymour.

“I’m going to the Goodwill in North Vernon to buy some more,” she said. “After North Vernon, we’re going to go to the east side of Indianapolis. I lived there for a while.”

She eventually plans to make it back to Seymour, and it may be sooner rather than later since so many people have offered to help out with donations and time.

Downtown business owner Kevin Greene, who operates Artistic Impressions, said he saw the scarves as he came to work and they made him smile.

Other people posted that it was great to see the community coming together to help others.

“What a wonderful and thoughtful idea,” Tara Lowe of Brownstown said.

Gina Ray of North Vernon agreed.

“This is an amazing idea and so heartfelt,” Ray said.

“I’m very glad that I could help someone stay warm,” Cornett said.

Now, she would like to do more.

“I’d really like to take this project to other counties, so if you have scarves, please get a hold of me to donate them so that we can keep people warm this winter,” she said.

Anyone wanting to donate scarves can contact Cornett through Facebook or email her at [email protected].

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