Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – December 4

Award winning

Thumbs-up to the city employees who work at the Seymour Water Pollution Control Facility. The plant received the Excellence in Safety Award and the Laboratory Excellence Award during the 2015 Indiana Water Environmental Association conference on Nov. 20 in Indianapolis.Good standingA similar thumbs-up goes to the employees of Riverview Cemetery on Seymour’s north side. Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson recently recognized the nonprofit firm with a century certificate for doing business for 133 years and being in good standing with the state for that entire time.

Help for the classroom

Thumbs-up to Brownstown Central Middle School sixth-grade teacher Lee Ann Silence for earning a $500 Make Activities Count grant from McDonald’s Restaurants of Central Indiana. Silence plans to use the grant to provide new balances to help students in her science classes learn about mass and the properties of matter.

Helping out

Thumbs-up to everyone in the community who volunteered their time and gave their money to make sure those who are needy had a meal for Thanksgiving.

Man’s best friend

Thumbs-up to Bentley, a 120-pound Bernese mountain dog. The therapy dog has been providing comfort and compassion for six years for people with health issues of all ages in the community. The power of animals to make positive impact on the lives of humans is well known.

Saluting veterans

Thumbs-up to the community on the many ways its has found to observe Veterans Day and The Tribune for its coverage of such events and recognition of veterans. Thank you again for encouraging patriotism, and a big “Thank You” to our veterans and to God for giving us the privilege of living in America.A related thumbs-up to The Tribune for publishing the article regarding Marine Cpl. Billy Aldridge, “The unclaimed veteran.” It is truly heartwarming to read of the more than 1,000 people who attended the funeral to pay their respects to this man. Cpl. Aldridge served in the military but at the time of his death had no known family.— Elizabeth “Betty” Hall, Seymour