Letter: City’s trach problem should be addressed

To the editor:

This is concerning the article in The Tribune about the trash totes. There wasn’t any problems with them sitting out until a neighbor complained about it.

But it’s okay if you have trash all over your porch, yard, curb, etc. I have complained for 15 years about the people behind me. They have trash and junk everywhere. They don’t┬ámake them pay a fine or do anything about it. I have addresses of people who have trash everywhere on their properties.

There is one place where other people are bringing their trash and piling it up in the alley, and they don’t even live there.

I can’t believe they are fining people over these totes, but not the people who trash their property. There needs to be a big change in this town. If you are going to harass people about the trash totes, make these trashy people clean up their yards.

Pam Bechelli