Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – November 6


To the rescue

Thumbs-up to Joe Francis of Freetown for going to the aid of neighbor David Painter after he was severely burned when the furnace in his basement exploded on the night of Oct. 26. Not everyone involved in a similar would be willing to risk life and limb to do help out a neighbor. A related thumbs-up goes to everyone else involved in the efforts to care for Painter including Jackson County Emergency Medical Services personnel, firefighters and medical personnel from Pershing, Owen-Salt Creek and Brownstown fire departments and officers with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Brownstown Police Department.On the lineThumbs-up to every one of the candidates for the five contested races in three of Jackson County’s four municipalities and for all who took the time to get out and vote. It’s just too bad there weren’t more people willing to put their name on the line for an elected office and more people willing to take the time to get out and vote.

Hard work pays off

Thumbs-up to the members of the Jackson County Public Defender Board for working swiftly to come up with the chief public defender for the newly created public defender’s office. Mike Jordan, Bruce Wynn and Joe Thoele met many times within a one-month period and talked with several good candidates before picking Hayden-native Alan Marshall for the job. Marshall, who is no stranger in the courthouses in the area, has 23 years of criminal justice, both defending people who need legal help and prosecuting people.No linesThumbs-down to the Indiana Department of Transportation for not painting the lane lines along U.S. 50 between Brownstown and Seymour. Those white lines are hard to see at night and even harder to see when it’s dark and raining.

Free sidewalks

Thumbs-down to people who leave things such as children’s toys on city sidewalks. Those sidewalks are meant for use by everyone and not just the property owner or the person renting the residence. They should be free of obstacles for pedestrians.

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