What’s Your Workout? – Jason Hillenburg

What is your workout schedule?

“At least five days a week.”

What is your favorite workout to do and why?

“Twelve- to 16-mile runs because that covers at least half of the full marathon distance. Yes, I’m full crazy now.”

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Where do you work out, and what do you like about that place?

“I have about six different routes I take to get my miles in. I prefer the flatter routes versus the hilly ones.”

What do you eat or avoid eating to be healthy?

“I eat clean. Lots of fruits and vegetables and yogurt. Lots of fish and foods high in protein and low in carbs.”

What are your fitness goals?

“To maintain 170 to 175 pounds and be able to continue to run for several more years.”

What are some fitness goals that you have achieved that you’re proud of?

“I lost more than 70 pounds in about a year’s time. I hope to keep the weight off by being committed to staying fit and running and eating clean. I also just completed my first full marathon at 40, the Mill Race Marathon, on Sept. 26 in a time of 4:11:09. I ruptured my right Achilles’ in 2008 and was originally told that I would never run again. More than 40 5K/10K races, 12 minis and one full marathon later and I’m still going.”

Are you currently training for any type of event, such as a marathon, triathlon, etc.?

“I just signed up for the Jackson County 50/50 on Dec. 5, so training continues. I also plan to do a triathlon next year.”

How does exercising make you feel?

“Exercising and staying fit make me feel great. At 40, my metabolism vacated years ago, so I must continue to exercise and run to stay fit. I’m definitely not getting any younger. I’ve been running since junior high school and was a decent high school runner. I love it and would miss not being able to run.”

What is your advice to encourage others to exercise?

“I see videos of 90-year-old men and women competing in marathons. First of all, what an achievement at that age. Then I read the story with the video that tells how this person overcame cancer or heart disease or any other number of health issues and ran 26.2 miles. Then I look at myself and just try to come up with a lame excuse as to why I’m not out there. I always come up empty, and maybe you would, as well. Exercising and staying fit are important on so many levels. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, so does some type of exercise. So as my famous line reads, ‘Shut up and run.’”

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