After stepping away from football for two years, Brownstown Central’s Matthew Lucas decided to go back to the gridiron to help out his friends.

“A lot of my friends were playing and said there aren’t many seniors on the team,” Lucas said. “They were kind of needing some people to come back. I wanted to be a part of something great.”

Lucas played in the 56ers program through his freshman year at Brownstown before taking time off to focus on his academics.

Academics are important to Lucas, who is enrolled in the school’s honors program — the highest degree a student can obtain at Brownstown Central.

On the field, Lucas starts as a defensive end and rotates in at offensive guard for the Braves.

Through 10 games, Lucas is tied for the second highest number of sacks with five quarterback drops.

Lucas said that he follows the gameplan put in place by the coaches to get to opposing QBs.

“You have to stunt your gap and do what the coaches tell you,” Lucas said. “You can’t really do your own thing; it never really works. You have to be a better athlete than the guy across from you and out-think them. I’m not the biggest guy out there, so sometimes you need to out-smart them.”

While Lucas is smaller than most of the offensive lineman he goes up against, he uses his speed to his advantage.

Lucas estimated he ran a 5.07 seconds 40-yards dash at the start of the season.

“I’m a lot faster than a lot of the lineman, I like to think,” Lucas said. “At the same time, I don’t’ have the weight advantage. It kind of goes both ways.”

The return to football wasn’t the easiest for Lucas, as he had to learn new schemes and get back into game-shape.

“At first, it was pretty tough and tiring,” Lucas said. “I wasn’t used to working out (everyday). I got back in the swing of things, though.”

In his spare time, Lucas also is involved in FFA, Robotics, Christian Club, 4-H, junior leaders.

His family owns a farm in Brownstown, and he plans to stay in that field of work as he will pursue a degree in agricultural business at Purdue after graduation.

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Name: Matthew Lucas

Parents: James and Julie Lucas

Siblings: Rebecca and Emma Lucas

Sport: Football, two years

Organizations: FFA, Robotics, Christian Club, 4-H, junior leaders

Plans after high school: Attend Purdue for a degree in agricultural business

Favorite food: Mashed potatoes

Favorite TV show: “Tosh.0”

Favorite singer/musician: John Mellencamp

Favorite athlete/team: Indianapolis Colts

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Q: Why do you participate in so many extracurricular activities?

A: “I’ve always been involved in a lot of stuff. I’m a fairly social person, so I like to be in stuff with all my friends.”

Q: What’s something that would surprise most people about yourself?

A: “I think, at first if I don’t know a group of people, I’m really shy. Once I get to know them, I’m really loud and probably obnoxious.”

Q: Have you enjoyed your time at Brownstown Central?

A: “I like (the school) a lot. I didn’t like the idea of going to a bigger school. I like knowing everyone and being friends with everyone.”


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