On the record – October 29




Robert D. Wiesman, 35, Crothersville, battery on a person under the age of 14 by a person over 18, no bond, 6:08 p.m. Tuesday.

Jackson County

Alan D. Bierbaum, 33, Poland, nonsupport, no bond, 5:34 p.m. Tuesday.

Joshua E. Shelton, 24, Seymour, parole warrant, 2:59 p.m. Tuesday.


Julie A. Wayt, 53, Seymour, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, possession of a hypodermic needle, no bond, 1:01 a.m. Wednesday.

James F. Copeland, 52, Seymour, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, no bond, 11:51 p.m. Tuesday.

Christina M. Pelston, 39, Elizabethtown, dealing in a Schedule I, II or III controlled substance, no bond, 7:05 p.m. Tuesday.

Matthew D. Thompson, 34, Seymour, theft, no bond, 2:59 p.m. Tuesday.

Jennings County

Amanda Bishop, 29, North Vernon, Jennings Circuit Court warrant for theft, $1,055 bond, 11:09 p.m. Tuesday.

John Smith, 38, North Vernon, Jennings Circuit Court warrant for theft, $1,055 bond, 11:09 p.m. Tuesday.

David Wells, 69, Pendleton, Jennings Circuit Court warrant, no bond, 4:20 p.m. Tuesday.

Alex Simpson, 20, Indianapolis, Jennings Circuit Court warrant for risk of fleeing jurisdiction, $3,381, 3:58 p.m. Tuesday.

Jerri Mefford, 26, no address listed, warrant for failure to appear, $555, 11:17 a.m. Tuesday,

William Roscoe, 43, Michigan, Michigan warrant, no bond, midnight Monday.


Jackson County

Storm damage, 700 block of East Base Road, Brownstown, 11:04 p.m. Tuesday.

Disorderly conduct involving a man and a woman arguing, 10500 block of West County Road 1000N, Norman, 7:04 p.m. Tuesday.

Report of a male juvenile out of control and trying to hit people with a baseball bat, Crothersville area, 4:55 p.m. Tuesday.

Personal-injury wreck, 100 block of North Main Street, Brownstown, 3:27 p.m. Tuesday.

Report of a black Mazda that left the road and hit a cement pillar, 10200 block of East County Road 275N, Seymour, 2:51 p.m. Tuesday.

Theft of coins from a home, 5900 block of North U.S. 31, Seymour, 2:48 p.m. Tuesday.


Traffic offense, 100 block of Community Drive, 10:24 p.m. Tuesday.

Family fight involving a mother, daughter and son-in-law, 600 block of South Vine Street, 9:36 p.m. Tuesday.

Theft of a citizens band radio, 2600 block of Outlet Boulevard, 9:04 p.m. Tuesday.

Identity theft, 1300 block of Brooks Court, 7:48 p.m. Tuesday.

Property-damage wreck involving a tan Ford truck and a blue car in a parking lot, 1600 block of East Tipton Street, 6:42 p.m. Tuesday.

Theft from a vehicle, 1300 block of Snyder Avenue, 5:43 p.m. Tuesday.

Burglary, 700 block of South Vine Street, 3:58 p.m. Tuesday.

Threats by customers unable to get their medications, Jay C Foods Plus, 1541 E. Tipton St., 3:17 p.m. Tuesday.

Shoplifting, Walmart Supercenter, 1600 E. Tipton St., 1:17 p.m. Tuesday.

Theft, 1100 block of West Tipton Street, 10:53 a.m. Tuesday.

North Vernon

Theft, Walmart Supercenter, 2410 N. State Road 3, 6:24 p.m. Tuesday.

Property-damage wreck in a parking lot involving a Chevrolet Sonic and a Chevrolet 1500, Industrial Way, Tuesday.

Unruly tenant, South Elm Street, 10:18 a.m. Tuesday.

Property-damage wreck involving a Chevrolet S10, a Chevrolet Cavalier and a Honda Odyssey, 2700 block of North State Road 7, 9:28 a.m. Tuesday.

Trespassing at a storage unit, 100 block of Hayden Pike, midnight Monday.

Jackson Circuit Court


Synchrony Bank v. Ernest Reed, 9314 N. State Road 135, Freetown, seeking $1,241.24.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Brent L. Baute, 7740 N. County Road 1050W, Norman, seeking $789.94.

Midland Funding LLC v. Brianna Newton, 416 N. Poplar St., Apt. C., Seymour, seeking $960.73.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Derek Cornwell, 1797 G. William Parkway, Seymour, seeking $9,669.28; v. Nerissa M. Polbito, 5458 N. Sandy Creek Drive, Seymour, seeking $755.53.

Capital One Bank USA N.A. v. Susan K. Daniels, 613 W. Brown St., Seymour, seeking $1,767.96; v. Cathy L. Bramer, 1756 E. Mount Eden Road, Vallonia, seeking $1,139.07.

Discover Bank v. Peter Storm, 5858 E. County Road 1000N, Apt. 5450, Seymour, seeking $18,803.56.

Jackson Superior Court I


Credit Acceptance Corp. v. Wanda D. Coleman, 1369 W. Second St., Seymour, seeking $7,868.65.

Midland Funding LLC v. Cheryl Smith, 443 Mutton Creek Drive, Seymour, seeking $991.02.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Robert D. Howard, 701 N. Broadway St., Seymour, seeking $1,871.63; v. Christie Hinton, 721 N. Walnut St., Seymour, seeking $672.44; v. Ernestia Lopez, 405 Park Ave., Crothersville, seeking $918.70.

Synchrony Bank v. Angela Mills, 744 Alberring Drive, Seymour, seeking $4,553.15.


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Connie J. Redford, 713 Blish St., Seymour, for property at 713 Blish St., Seymour.

Small claims

Labelle Homes v. Greg and Paula Eggersman, 17680 S. Jonesville Road, Columbus, seeking $1,404.01.

Med-1 Solutions LLC, as agent for collections for Schneck Medical Center, v. Joshua Barlow, 603 Idlewood Court, Seymour, seeking $6,370.38; v. Richard Howard, P.O. Box 524, Seymour, seeking $1,771.19; v. John W. French, 722 N. Walnut St., Seymour, seeking $832.45; v. Sherry E. Lewis, 7205 W. State Road 250, Paris Crossing, seeking $1,657.43; v. Brandy L. Lynch, 3784 S. County Road 1050E, Crothersville, seeking $2,592.35; v. Charles E. Mails, 12840 W. U.S. 50, Norman, seeking $1,985.05; v. Douglas Edward Marsh, 1044 Katherine Court, No. 4, Seymour, seeking $2,303.32; v. Alejandro Martinez, 813 W. Laurel St., Seymour, seeking $1,263.86; v. Bobbie Jo Mikels, 4877 N. County Road 975W, Norman, seeking $1,175.46; v. Helen Morgan, 1321 W. Tibbs St., Austin, seeking $886.97; v. Derek Eugene Mull, 7970 S. County Road 175W, Commiskey, seeking $2,783.27; v. Kristina Ann Otero, 818 Garden Ave., Seymour, seeking $1,058.46; v. Jim Ponder, 106 N. Posey St., Salem, seeking $1,156.61; v. Jenny Y. Robison, 518 Colvin Court, Seymour, seeking $971.29; v. Amanda Root, 737 Brookhaven Drive, Seymour, seeking $1,649.59; v. Christopher Lee Scott, 4905 N. County Road 450W, Freetown, seeking $1,965.57; v. Danny Smith, 1100 W. Harrod Road, Austin, seeking $1,121.59; v. Billie Turpin, 13869 S. County Road 1050W, Westport, seeking $951.85; v. Amanda Nichole West, 205 W. Tanner St., Brownstown, seeking $853.93; v. David T. Whitener, 2328 N. Nolan Drive, Salem, seeking $2,061.10; v. William P. Woolls, 158 Mount Eden Road, Vallonia, seeking $1,030.75.

SAC Finance Inc. v. Mark Leonhardt, 323 Jordan Drive, Borden, and Joellen Leonhardt, 6437 E. Kinderhook Drive, Lexington, seeking $5,301.61.

Wehmiller Properties v. Justin Baughman, 625 S. Carter St., Seymour, seeking $1,500; v. William Cook, 617 S. Carter St., Seymour, seeking $1,500; v. Kyle and Rebecca Faught, 104 Windhorst Court, Seymour, seeking $1,310; v. Anthony and Melissa McQueen, 617 S. Carter St., Seymour, seeking $1,500; v. Vanessa Marks and Scylar Barker, 102 Windhorst Court, Seymour, seeking $1,490; v. Jessica Moss, 713 S. Vine St., Seymour, seeking $1,500; v. Mark Rinker and Brittany Kinser, 820 S. Pine St., Seymour, seeking $1,500; v. Shelby Runion and Andrew Beck, 517 S. Vine St., Seymour, seeking $1,240; v. Darryle and Carrie Short, 708 S. Vine St., Seymour, seeking $1,500; v. Ben Wayt and Melody Riley, 106 Windhorst Court, Seymour, seeking $1,500.

Razor Capital LLC v. Christopher Weyant, 200 E. Reddington St., Seymour, seeking $746.56.

Cathy Schneider, 705 W. Sixth St., Seymour, v. Justin Eveslage, 619 Ewing St., Apt. A, Seymour, seeking $320.

Jackson Manor Apartments v. Michael Davidson, 390 S. Jackson Park Drive, Unit 214, Seymour, seeking $475; v. Dwayne May, 390 S. Jackson Park Drive, Unit 204, Seymour, seeking $849.46; v. Bradley and Angela Wingler, 390 S. Jackson Park Drive, Unit 217, Seymour, seeking $750.

Town and Country Apartments v. Steven M. Wilson, 200 W. Fifth St., Seymour, seeking $535.

Dovie Stidham, 205 S. Maple St., Seymour, v. Lee Pacini, 500 E. Third St., Apt. 2, Seymour, seeking $450.

Personal Finance Company v. Kenneth S. Conklin, 1929 Gaynell Drive, Seymour, seeking $1,297.72; v. Catherine A. Hill, 403 W. Ninth St., Seymour, seeking $628.70; v. Lesley C. Robinson, 501 Jackson St., Salem, seeking $2,830.67; v. Amberly Jo Spence, 6749 S. County Road 1100W, Medora, $2,449.47; v. Aaron D. and Cora Stidham, 116 Date Court, Seymour, $4,347.90; v. John M. Wagner Jr., 704 Hyland St., Scottsburg, $1,185.40.

Brad Pardieck dba BP2 Construction, 264 Whites Station Road, Seymour, v. Taylor Schrink, 620 Peak Ave., Seymour, seeking unknown amount.

Springleaf Financial Services of Indiana Inc. v. Tommy R. McIntosh, 115 S. O’Brien St., Lot 55, Seymour, seeking $2,618.45.

Razor Capital LLC v. Rebecca Edwards aka Rebecca Nowland, 1109 E. Oak St., Apt. C, Seymour, seeking $605.45.

Gregg Neal Scott, 420 W. Fourth St., Seymour, v. Jennifer Anderson, 410 N. Pine St., Seymour, seeking $1,350.

Dan Brock, 604 W. Second St., Seymour, v. Traci Lucas and Hugh Allan Reynolds, 222 Marley Lane, Room D, Seymour, seeking $2,720.

Allied Collection Service Inc. v. Jennifer L. Allen, 218 Marley Lane, Apt. 5, Seymour, seeking $4,715.40; v. Ronda M. Chastain, 106 N. Preston St., Crothersville, seeking $3,044.80; v. Samantha McAdams, 901 North Drive, Seymour, seeking $4,314; v. Antonina K. McCormick, 1010 Center St., Seymour, seeking $1,869.95; v. Billie Morris, 630 E. Oak St., Apt. E2, Seymour, seeking $1,703.33; v. Jason Pearson, 8251 W. County Road 940N, Norman, seeking $1,988; v. Montgomery D. Taylor, 115 N. Stillwell St., Brownstown, seeking $1,274.07.

Jack and Melissa Wilkinson, 3720 Indianwood Drive, Columbus, v. Jerel D. Richards Jr., 2255 S. U.S. 31, Crothersville, seeking $1,700.

Patricia Kniola, 10540 Chestnut Hill Court, Fishers, v. unknown person, 11150 E. State Road 250, Crothersville, seeking $800.

Kenneth Mark Hall, 1255 Pack Road, White Bluff, Tennessee, v. Jacqueline Janz and Robin Watson, 615 N. Chestnut St., Seymour, seeking $6,450.

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