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After missing his junior season because of a knee injury, Korey White tried to make the most of his senior year as a member of the Seymour boys soccer team.

“I’m really competitive so I really take things to heart, and stuff like that,” White said. “I just like the competitive part. I grew up with soccer and I never really quit. Soccer has always been my main sport. If I could do something for the rest of my life it would be soccer.”

On the field, White always looked to put the ball in the back of the net.

“I play forward or striker,” White said. “In my position, you receive the ball and you look to find ‘runs,’ so I receive the ball and I look for a pass to my teammates to move the ball forward.

“We only had one striker, so I usually play in the middle. We had outside midfielders or what we call the ‘10,’ which is an attacking center mid, and he can make runs off of me as well.”

White said it takes teamwork, with crisp passes to make good angles, to work the ball past the defense and into the goal.

“You have to be physical in soccer,” he said. “Some people say that it’s not a physical sport, but that is definitely not true. When you have the ball, you have to be strong. You can’t let anybody else push you off the ball or anything like that.”

The senior enjoys playing against teams that use a sweeper on the defense, instead of teams that play four back.

White said he likes to go one-on-one against opposing defenses, and that he enjoys playing defense even though he concentrates on offense.

“When the other team has the ball I always go to it,” White said. “If I make a defensive mistake or something like that, it’s not really a big deal because there 10 other players out there.”

White said teamwork and communication are huge.

“If you don’t talk to your teammates, and let them know to make a run or where to pass (you’re not going to succeed),” White said. “We say to play the feet a lot because if you don’t play the feet and they play you forward you’re not going to get to the ball.”

Prior to the start of the season, the Owls put countless minutes into conditioning.

“We really need to make sure we’re in shape when the season starts,” White said. “(Coach Matt) Dennis does a good job with that getting us in the weight room and everything like that. Coach tells us if we score a goal, or even if we let up a goal, the next five minutes are always the most important.

For White, the mental aspect of athletics plays role in successes.

“You have to believe in yourself as much as you do the team,” White said. “Even if you’re not starting you need to be a good cheerleader on the sidelines. You need to have your head in the game the whole time.”

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Name: Korey White

Parents: Michael and Cindy White

Sibling: Katie

Sports: Soccer, four years; basketball, two years

Plans after high school: Attend college, study physical therapy

Organizations: Latin Club, JAG

Favorite food: Ice cream

Favorite TV show: SportsCenter

Favorite movie: “The Hunger Games”

Favorite team: Indiana Pacers

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Q: What’s it like attending Seymour High School?

A: “Its been great. Every year it seems like the school is getting bigger. It’s good for Seymour, too. If you just work hard at it you’re going to have a chance to make it. It’s been great.”

Q: How is it playing at C.B. Hess Memorial Field?

A: “The home matches are great. They are amazing. It’s just your team, and you’re always playing on that field. You know you’re going to have the fans there.”

Q: What are some moments you will never forget from soccer?

A: “I remember my sophomore year we played Columbus North in the sectional. Chase Salmon was our goalkeeper and we had a huge shutout in the first half. They were ranked pretty high in the state.”


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