Seymour council election – Lloyd Hudson


Why did you decide to run for office?

I love Seymour. I believe I can make a positive impact on our city’s future.

What are the three biggest issues the city faces now and in the future? And how would you help address those issues.

Three of our major needs: Improving street conditions, add more property (annex) to the city limits to allow for more affordable housing, and an overpass over the L & I Railroad on U.S. 50.

The railroad has been a big topic for the city as improvements are being made to the rail infrastructure for more, heavier and faster trains. Are you in favor of a second railroad overpass? Why? How should the city pay for it?

I am in favor of a second railroad overpass. The reason is to reduce the traffic congestion on U.S. 50. The funding would come from a combination of the railroad, federal and state grants.

There has been recent progress on downtown revitalization, but many agree more needs to be done. What do you feel the city can and should be doing to improve our downtown? How much, financially, should the city be involved in revitalizing the downtown?

The city will need to support the Main Street organization in its efforts to encourage private property owners to improve buildings downtown. Main Street has been very effective recently.

Employee health insurance is one of the biggest costs for the city. Do you feel there is any way the city can help curb those costs? What ways would you suggest?

There is a possibility the city may be able to offer a variety of health care options to employees in order to reduce costs.

A recent study of the city’s parks and recreation facilities showed the potential need for more soccer and baseball/softball fields and an indoor recreation facility along with a system of multipurpose trails. Do you think these amenities are needed in Seymour? Why? How much should the city be willing to invest in these projects?

Yes, I believe Seymour needs additional parks and recreational facilities. This is needed to encourage young couples to relocate to Seymour. The city will need to “free up” additional space for this. Additional funding would likely come from donations by industry and community organizations.

Many people complain about the condition of city streets and roads. Do you feel the city is spending enough money on this work? If not, how do you propose the city raise more money to do this?

Most funding would likely come from federal and state grants, with the city paying a percentage.

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Age: 74

Occupation: Substitute teacher in the Seymour School System

Education: B.S.- Business, Indiana University

Family: Wife: Shirley, Children: Jenni Hunnicutt, Jay Hudson, Ben Hudson and nine grandchildren

Memberships: Member of The Point church and serves on its Finance Committee; Teacher of an adult Bible class; President of the Seymour Airport Authority; Current member of the Seymour City Council


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