Crothersville Town Council race Republican Jerad T. Sporleder

Why did you decide to run for the Crothersville Town Council?

I am married to truly the best thing that has happened to me, Winter N. Holman Sporleder. I have two wonderful stepchildren — my stepdaughter is 11, and my stepson is 6, and my son is 4. They all are my strive to make things in Crothersville safer, better and more homey, so to speak.

What do you think you can bring to the town council?

I feel with having a construction management degree, running a business and knowing people that I’ve come into contact with in the course of the last 15 years through work or in general that I’m a people person that can find answers or get problems resolved.

What’s the most pressing issue facing the town at this time?

The most pressing things upon this town are fixing rain runoff drainage, continuing improvements to our streets, continuing improvements to our police force to ensure that this is a safe, peaceful town not only for residents here but for future ones that may move here, creating a committee of five people to work on parks and recreation ideas and creating a safe place that our children can go to.

How you plan to address it?

As we all know, there isn’t much here. But as a council if elected, I plan to fight and uphold my elected job for the people of this town. By saying this still doesn’t mean I can fix or correct everything. I am only human and just one person.

How would you help the council be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money?

I hope all candidates look at this question the same, that our responsibility of the taxpayers’ money is to vote together as a majority to make this town have opportunities, upkeeps and spend their money as a majority vote in the most efficient way possible. Now in saying that, every month, we have a town meeting on the first Tuesday, so if the taxpayers don’t like something or wish to suggest something to the council, please come.

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Name: Jerad T. Sporleder

Age: 36

Occupation: I work as a labor worker doing construction. I also do powerwashing on the side.

Family: Wife, Winter N. Holman Sporleder; one son; two stepchildren