Crothersville Town Council race Democrat Brenda Holzworth

Why did you decide to run for the Crothersville Town Council?

I decided to run for the Crothersville Town Council because I do care about this town and its future. I continue to attend many town council meetings. I promoted the increase of town council members from three to five, and that change was adopted. It was suggested that I might be interested in running for the council, which I had considered previously but decided against. I believe this is the right time for me to run for the position. Since I will soon be 70 years old, I suppose I shouldn’t wait much longer.

What do you think you can bring to the town council?

I believe that with age and experience, I have developed mature judgment. I am involved in several local organizations, and I have had my own business. I don’t act on impulse. I am a good listener. I will study issues before taking a position. I am keeping a list of issues that I think of and those I hear about from other community members.

What’s the most pressing issue facing the town at this time?

I believe the most pressing issue facing the town at this time is keeping our high school through maintaining a positive image and offering needed programs. Increasing our population and improved housing can contribute to a larger school enrollment. This is not just a school issue. It is a community issue.

How you plan to address it?

The above issue can be addressed by highlighting the positives of our school system, by providing better housing suitable for young families, by communication and cooperation between the town council and the school board and between the school and the community. We also need to be more welcoming to new residents.

How would you help the council be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money?

For continued fiscal responsibility, I would support continuing with prioritizing needs and obtaining major funding through grants when possible. Increasing our population would result in greater tax revenue. Looking at other communities of similar size and composition and determining how they have successfully met financial and growth challenges could be very beneficial. Encouraging cooperation within our community is needed. A comprehensive plan for our community has already been developed. I have a copy of that plan and will continue to refer to it. I would love for Crothersville to be known as a little town with a lot to offer.

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Name: Brenda Holzworth

Age: 69

Occupation: Retired elementary teacher; owner and operator of Aunt Samantha’s Gift Shop

Education: Shoals High School; Lincoln Christian University (Bachelor of Arts); Indiana State University (Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education); Indiana University Southeast (Master of Science in Elementary Education); Louisville Bible College (additional classes)

Local organizations: Volunteer at Crothersville Elementary School; Crothersville Senior Citizens; Crothersville Historical and Cultural Arts Association and Crothersville Town Players; Crothersville Lions Club; Happy Apronettes Extension Homemakers Club; Crothersville Christian Church

Political experience: No political experience, although I did attempt to run for the town council a few years ago. It had to be decided in a caucus, and I lost the opportunity to be a candidate by one vote.

Family: Widow of John F. Holzworth; two sons, John, who lives and works in Massachusetts, and Jason, who is a photographer and lives in Louisville