Crothersville clerk-treasurer race Republican Terry L. Richey

Why are you running for the clerk-treasurer position?

I stepped into the position when the former Clerk-Treasurer Michele Teipen had to move out of town. I have been the clerk-treasurer for two years, and I would love to continue the progress that I feel has been made during that time. The improvements made by myself and my office staff have really started to come together in the past six months. I want to keep improving and making changes to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently, plus to continue working on the many projects that the town has going on.

How does your educational, professional or other background prepare you for this role?

I have an associate degree in accounting from Ivy Tech, which has helped in my professional life. For the past 13 years in my position as corporation treasurer for Crothersville Community Schools, I have used the same payroll and budget software that the town uses. Because of this, I was able to step in and help out immediately without time spent training. This has made it very easy for me to be able to assist them and give them new and/or easier ideas of how to do payroll and budgeting. I have been through many State Board of Accounts audits and am aware of what is required and know how to use these audits as a learning tool. I believe my background as a lifelong resident of Crothersville also prepares me for this role. My parents, siblings, children and I have always been supporters of our town and will continue to be for years to come.

What do you feel is the clerk-treasurer’s most important function?

The most important function of a clerk-treasurer is making sure the town is kept in good financial position. Monitoring the budget, making sure the books are balanced on a monthly basis, staying current on state and federal reporting requirements and keeping the town council informed and up-to-date on funds. I have been and will continue to do these things on a monthly basis. Each month, the council receives a list of all funds and appropriations with the current balances so they can be aware of what has been spent and are able to make sound financial decisions. Without this information, they have no way of knowing they are doing what is right for the town as far as financial matters are concerned. It is the job of the clerk-treasurer to keep them informed.

What makes an effective clerk-treasurer?

An effective clerk-treasurer is one who is able to do all of the above things — work well with their town council members, keep good financial records, run an efficient office and have the town and its best interest in mind at all times. I feel like I have been doing all of this. If elected, I will continue to do these things.

How will you ensure the office runs in an orderly fashion?

I will ensure that the town hall office is ran in an orderly fashion by continuing to do as I’ve done over the past two years, plus continuing to look for ways to improve. The office staff I have are very good at their jobs and will continue to be the ones the public sees when they walk into town hall. Even though I am not in the office on an eight-hour-a-day basis, the staff and I are in contact several times a day. They are very competent, and above all, I have complete trust in them and their abilities to manage the office efficiently. We are always looking for ways and ideas to improve the way the office is ran. The girls and I attend the annual meetings our payroll and budget software company conducts in order to learn the best ways to use these programs to benefit the employees and the public. Over the past two years, one thing we have implemented is the ability to pay utility bills by credit or debit card. Utility customers can call the office and pay their bill over the phone during our office hours or they can pay them online or by calling an automated number 24/7. This is something we are very proud to offer our customers and just one example of how I will continue to improve the office if elected.

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Name: Terry L. Richey

Age: 55

Occupation: Corporation treasurer at Crothersville Community Schools; Crothersville clerk-treasurer

Education: Crothersville High School (1978); Ivy Tech Community College (associate degree in accounting)

Political experience: Crothersville clerk-treasurer since January 2014

Family: My husband, Dwayne, has worked for Pepsi for 31 years, and we have been married for 26 years. We have four children and six grandchildren. I have lived in Crothersville my whole life.