Churches get involved with bicentennial

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Churches get involved with bicentennial

All Jackson County churches are invited to participate in the bicentennial observances planned for 2016.

A “Faith of our Fathers” day has been suggested for June 12, 2016, as a day for each church to show that it still proclaims the same teachings as were held by its church fathers.

Another area of participation concentrates on the music, art and architecture of each individual church.

A mailing recently was sent by the Bicentennial Planning Committee of Jackson County to county churches in which each church was requested to host an event to showcase these on a date and time of its choice any time during the year 2016 or possibly during the remainder of 2015.

While several phone books and other sources were used to compile a list of churches, it is possible that your church was inadvertently omitted in the mailing.

If your church did not receive the mailing from the planning committee, contact Raymond Bachmann at 812-358-4461 and the materials will be sent.

Participation by county churches and attendance by the general public in events to celebrate the 200th birthdays of the county, Brownstown and the state will help emphasize the importance of churches today.