Cable barrier rails being installed on I-65

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Cable barrier rails being installed on Interstate 65

A specialty contractor for the Indiana Department of Transportation is installing cable barrier rails along 10½ miles of Interstate 65 this week between mile marker 64.5 south of Columbus and mile marker 54 north of Seymour.

INDOT officials urge motorists to drive with extra caution where crews working in median areas may be a distraction, according to a news release.

Lower speed limits will be enforced at active worksites.

George B. Stone Co. has ongoing operations with crews, backhoes, skid steers and concrete trucks along I-65’s inside shoulder and in median areas. The state’s contractor is pouring concrete foundations for guide posts and end anchors. Next month, the ¾-inch pre-stressed cable will be installed and tensions set.

INDOT prioritizes interstate highway locations where crash history, traffic volume, speed, median width and road geometry indicate greatest need.

Cable barrier rail systems are designed to catch and capture vehicles crossing the median area of a divided highway in high-tensioned “wire rope” guided through posts and anchored at end posts. These cable rails prevent almost all cross-median crashes, which produce half of severe-outcome wrecks and nearly two-thirds of fatalities.