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Megan Weddell says she has enjoyed attending Medora High School and playing volleyball and being a cheerleader.

“I like that it is family,” she said about volleyball. “It’s really not just about the sport. It’s how close we all are whenever our seasons end, and that’s family to me.

“Volleyball has just been everything to me ever since I moved here. I didn’t know I was going to like it as much as I did because I had never played any sport before I moved here, but as soon as I started I knew it was something I wasn’t going to give up on.”

Weddell began playing volleyball in seventh grade when she moved to Medora from Florida.

“Sara (Todd) was always my coach,” Weddell said. “She wasn’t my eighth-grade year, but she is the one who taught me everything I know about volleyball.”

This fall is her third year as a varsity starter.

Weddell, who is right-handed, plays outside left when she’s in the front row.

The Hornets senior said blocking is all about timing.

“Actually it’s pretty rough,” Weddell said of blocking. “I’m not all that great at blocking because I end up in the net. I’m just really clumsy. I tend to fall.”

On the court, the Hornets rely on strong communication to execute.

“We all have to play together,” Weddell said. “Communication is probably the most important thing. It’s a mental attitude game. It’s not necessarily a physical game, although it is. We have to work together in those situations.”

Weddell said she hopes the team can get on a roll going into the sectional.

Prior to the start of a match, Weddell concentrates on her warmups to perform to her fullest potential.

“I can actually warm up and all the bad (serves and attacks) are gone,” Weddell said. “That way when we start I know what I’m doing.”

Weddell cheered for the boys basketball team her freshman and sophomore years, but did not cheer last winter.

She said she missed cheering and wants to cheer again his winter.

“I just enjoy being able to support everybody else that’s here because I know from first-hand experience that it’s nice when people come to support you, and being there for the boys is nice,” Weddell said.

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Parents: Marie McIntosh and Jason Weddell

Sibling: Jaeshawn

Sports: volleyball 4 years, basketball 2 years, cheerleader 3 years

Athletic awards: volleyball mental attitude

Organizations: Spanish Club

Plans after high school: attend college, study social work

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite TV show: Awkward or Finding Step

Favorite movie: My Girl

Favorite team: Indiana University

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Q: Do you like playing more at home or away?

A: “I like the home matches but I prefer away games because I get really nervous. I do like the home games because I liked to have everybody come out and support us.”

Q: What’s it like attending Medora High School?

A: “It’s like a family thing. I went to a bigger school when I was in Florida and it didn’t have the feeling that it does here. I’ve had a chance to move to a different school and I don’t want to. I like how close everybody is. Whenever we’re going through a bad time everybody pulls together to help each-other.”

Q: What will you miss most about high school athletics?

A: “I like all the moments that we’ve got to share together. The bus rides have always been an adventure. There is usually a lot of singing and laughing. It’s been a dream come true. I’m looking forward to finishing school, but I’m going to miss seeing everybody and all the connections we’ve had. We’re all going our separate ways, but I’m thankful for what I’ve had.”


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