Brownstown council race for Ward 2 Democrat James “Jim” Weesner


What’s behind your decision to seek public office at this time?

Running for an elected office was never a priority to me. Actually, I had never considered it before. However, my parents always had an interest in following national politics, and I remember sitting at the supper table listening to them discuss various topics or elected politicians. They were both Republicans, while my dad’s family were mainly Democrats.

I saw early on that even though their opinions might differ from other family or friends or neighbors, it was never a situation where no one was able to get along because of their differences. I feel confident that if my dad was alive today, he would support my decision to vote Democrat and eventually run for the Brownstown council as a Democrat.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized I’m not a fan of national politics, and I’m really not impressed by those currently in office at the state level. When I realized my vote for Glenda Ritz was flushed down the drain by the way the Republicans in office treated her and the position that she was elected to hold, I feel like someone flipped a switch on inside of me.

Looking at what our teachers and students are left to fend with today makes me sad. For several years, I sat on a community council and attended early morning presentations at the elementary school. What an insight that was to learn how focused those educators are to their students and the issues they all face to be compliant with guidelines for the schools and the students. I don’t envy them.

What do you think you can bring to the office?

If elected to the Brownstown Town Council, I would like to think I could bring with me a sense of community to any decisions made, not one based only on Republican or Democrat views. I’ve lived in Brownstown most of my life and have friends in both parties. I think it’s important to have diversity on the town board.

What’s the most pressing issue facing the town at this time?

I know that a recent decision to help with funding of repairs to the town swimming pool were made, and I am glad they saw the importance of helping with that. We all want a community to be proud of, and I’m glad that issue was addressed.

How do you plan to address it?

Being able to hear for myself whatever issues the town might be facing and being able to hear from those presenting both sides of an issue are important. There’s value in everyone’s opinion. Being able to listen to what others have to say is key to making good decisions, especially for the town. I wouldn’t just be representing myself or my family or Ward 2, but the town. The small guy has a voice as far as I’m concerned.

How prudent will you be with taxpayer money?

Spending someone else’s money is never easy. However, if you want to see a better community, one that can grow and prosper and attract new business, new residents, you have to make some hard decisions. I think having a town board that cares for the town and not just a policy is key.

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Name: James Dorsey “Jim” Weesner Jr.

Age: 58

Occupation: Owner of Winklepleck-Weesner Funeral Home

Family: Mother, Betty Weesner of Brownstown; sister, Kathy (Doug) Helwig of Indianapolis


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