Local sports scoreboard – October 13


Middle school sports agate

Boys tennis

Seymour 3, Brownstown Central 2

No. 1 singles: W. Rinehart S def. Adam Pottschmidt BC, 8-5.

No. 2 singles: I. Hardin S def. Clayton Tormoehlen BC, 8-5.

No. 3 singles: Reece Carlin BC def. B. Hubbard S, 8-4.

No. 1 doubles: Cole Shasteen and Andrew Wheeles BC def. T. Hohenstreiter and B. Lake S, 8-4.

No. 2 doubles: E. Blacklidge and G. Liles S def. Joshua Rogers and Griffin Stidam BC, 8-5.

Exhibition: Luke Pollert BC def. R. Ramirez S, 7-6; Nick Minton and Micah Ballard BC def. B. Horton and K. Martin S, 6-2; Liles and Lake S def. Dylan Minton and Cash Sumpter BC, 6-3.

Brownstown Central 5, St. Vincent 0

No. 1 singles: Pottschmidt BC def. I. Williams SV, 8-1.

No. 2 singles: Carlin BC def. S. Silary SV, 8-0.

No. 3 singles: Shasteen BC def. K. Brown SV, 8-3.

No. 1 doubles: Stidam and Wheeles BC def. D. Davis and J. Underwood SV, 9-7.

No. 2 doubles: Pollert and Rogers BC def. T. Clark and G. Stugart SV, 8-3.

Brownstown Central exhibition: Ballard won 6-0; Shasteen and Sumpter won 6-0; D. Minton and Stidam lost 6-4; N. Minton and Pottschmidt won 6-0.

Brownstown Central 3, Bedford 2

No. 1 singles: Pottschmidt BC def. E. Waggoner B, 9-8.

No. 2 singles: A. Tlustek B def. Tormoehlen BC, 8-5.

No. 3 singles: Carlin BC def. L. McKinney B, 8-1.

No. 1 doubles: T. Cloar and W. Schershel B def. Shasteen and Wheeles BC, 9-8.

No. 2 doubles: Rogers and Stidam BC def. J. Haworth and K. Woodward B, 8-5.

Brownstown Central exhibition: Pollert lost 6-0; Ballard lost 6-4; D. Minton and Sumpter won 6-3; N. Minton and Sumpter lost 6-4; Carlin and Stidam lost 6-4.


Mid-Southern Conference meet


Brownstown Central: 7-Charlie Ault 13:47, 11-Hayden McKinney 15:23, 16-Mitch McCormick 18:07, 18-Warren Franklin 22:20.


Brownstown Central: 3-Grace Garland 13:53, 12-Rachel Hildebrand 15:34, 16-Aubree VanCoutren 16:25, 18-Marena Ballard 17:43, 19-Reanne Boknecht 24:09.

Austin, Immanuel Lutheran at Brownstown Central


Brownstown Central: 4-Ault 12:40, McKinney 15:14, McCormick 17:39.

Open race: Franklin 20:11.


Brownstown Central: 2-Garland 13:41, 8-Hildebrand 15:10, 12-VanCoutren 16:16, 17-Ballard 18:12, 18-Boknecht 22:56.


Seventh grade

Salem 28, Brownstown Central 0

Brownstown Central: Rushing leader: Preston Terrell. Tackle leaders: Terrell 7, Lucas Hines 6, Russell Shuler 3, Ethan Isaacs 3.

Record: Brownstown Central 3-3.

Brownstown Central 22, Scottsburg 8

Brownstown Central: Scoring: Terrell 9 run, 31 run; Nathan Koch 53 pass from Terrell; Hines 2-point conversion pass; Shuler 2-point conversion pass. Rushing leaders: Terrell 71 yards, Hines 42 yards. Passing: Terrell 6-118. Tackle leaders: Hines 8, Terrell 7, Isaacs 6, Shuler 5.

Final season record: Brownstown Central 4-3.

Eighth grade

Salem 22, Brownstown Central 18

Brownstown Central: Scoring: Clayton Barger 31 run, 5 run; Jalen Tiemeyer 5 pass from Hayden Kinsler. Rushing leaders: Kinsler 36 yards, Barger 36 yards, Braeden Walker 30 yards. Passing: Kinsler 9-74. Tackle leaders: Tiemeyer 13, Daniel Peters 6, Derek Thompson 5, Logan Overshiner 5. Fumble recovery: Jake Gray. Interception: Eli Brown.

Record: Brownstown Central 5-2.

Brownstown Central 39, Scottsburg 0

Brownstown Central: Scoring: Walker 6 run; Tiemeyer 9 run, 14 pass from Kinsler; Barger 35 pass from Kinsler; Brennan Fleetwood 50 pass from Kinsler; Kinsler 30 interception return; Thompson 2-point conversion run; Sam Huber PAT. Passing: Kinsler 9-198. Tackle leaders: Walker 4, Thompson 3, Gray 3, Huber 3. Fumble recovery: Justin Brewer. Interceptions: Kinsler, Barger, Logan Wood.

Final season record: Brownstown Central 6-2.


Sixth grade

Brownstown Central A;25;25


Brownstown Central A: Serving leader: Reagan Nuss. Hitting leaders: Erin Singleton, Emily Singleton, Nuss. Passing leaders: Erin Singleton, Emily Singleton.

Final season record: Brownstown Central A 10-1.

Brownstown Central B;16;25;15


Brownstown Central B: Serving leaders: Kaitlyn McCormick, Payton Ault, Jenna Lowery. Passing leaders: McCormick, Lowery.

Final season record: Brownstown Central B 5-3.

Seventh grade

Brownstown Tournament

Immanuel Lutheran;25;25

Lutheran Central;6;15

Immanuel Lutheran leaders: Serving: Bailey Reynolds 20-21-13, Grace Meyer 12-14-1. Hitting: Lauren Knieriem 16-16-4, Meyer 14-16-4. Block: Meyer.

Immanuel Lutheran;25;25

St. John’s Sauers;22;7

Immanuel Lutheran leaders: Serving: Knieriem 9-9-2, Reynolds 9-9-1. Hitting: Knieriem 19-22-12, Reynolds 11-12-7.


Immanuel Lutheran;25;25

Brownstown Central;15;17

Immanuel Lutheran leaders: Serving: Knieriem 11-12-1, Meyer 9-11-3. Hitting: Knieriem 14-17-8, Kennedy Hoffman 8-10-5.

Record: Immanuel Lutheran 20-0.

Immanuel Lutheran;25;25


Immanuel Lutheran leaders: Serving: Reynolds 13-14-8, Knieriem 11-11-7. Hitting: Reynolds 8-9-4, Meyer 11-12-4.

Record: Immanuel Lutheran 21-0.


Brownstown Central;22;24

Brownstown Central leaders: Serving: Kendra McCory 15-152, Myka Keltz 10-10-1, Allie Mae Wingler 6-6-2. Kills: McCory 4, Kayla Guthrie 4.

Final season record: Brownstown Central 16-4.

Eighth grade

Brownstown Central;25;25


Brownstown Central leaders: Aces: Riley Nuss 2, Halle Hehman 2, Peyton Henry 2, Keeli Darlage, Chloe Carlin, Carly Brown. Serves: Nuss 9. Kills: Addyson Krieger 7, Darlage 6, Carlin 4, Nuss 3, Emily Koch 3, Addie Wilkerson 2, Henry 2, Olivia Hackman, Brown. Hits: Krieger 14, Darlage 12. Passing: Hehman.

Final season record: Brownstown Central 23-0.

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