Basketball goals photo page explainer


Mike Barrett is an area resident with an interest in history.

Along with sharing stories through his Backroads Indiana columns, he likes taking pictures of old basketball goals and rims he finds in the area. Here are a few of the ones he has found. Look for another selection of goals and rims in a future edition of The Tribune. Clockwise from top: The farmer didn’t seem to mind when Barrett took this picture of a basketball rim on a barn in Henryville, but the dogs sure did. And when he asked the farmer if they bite, he said yes. Anyway, after dodging dogs, he got the shot, and he said it was worth the risk. This wooden basketball goal with tape holding the net was on a side street in Scottsburg. In 1921, Owensville became the first school in Indiana to have glass backboards. This basketball goal sits on a silo near Clearspring.

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