Stopping them in their tracks


Nikson Cribs says his favorite part of playing on the defensive line for Seymour is getting a stop and forcing the opponent to punt.

“The fun part about it is when it’s third-and-10, then you get them three-and-out, and get the offensive back on the field — it’s the feeling of the coaches looking at you and saying, ‘OK, yes you guys did it.’ That’s the best part about it,” Cribs siad.

Cribs is a defensive tackle for the Owls.

“It’s really about being face-to-face with the competition,” Cribs said. “We talk trash to each other every play. Some people out there get fatigued and you can just see them face-to-face. That’s the best part about it.

“We flip-flop a lot, depending on who is where and stuff like that and who we have the best match-up with. I really look for the quarterback most of the time. That is who I’m really trying to get, but I try to get whoever has the ball because I really like getting a sack.

This season, Cribs has been credited with nine tackles and four assists.

He said the opponents’ down and yardage results in what play is called for the defense.

“We have to do a lot of thinking because if its third-and-one we want to crowd the line to stop the run,” Cribs said. “We try to stay low. It’s all about the fundamentals because if you stay high you can’t get in there. You want to wrap-up around the waist. If you wrap up high you’re not going to get them. He’s just going to drag you for it. If it’s third-and-10 we’ve just got to focus on the coverage.”

In the offseason, Cribs spends a lot of time hitting the weights.

“The weight room is very important,” Cribs said. “That plays a big role in what the turnout will be in the game. We stop people from scoring touchdowns and the weight room helps with that, from the bench press to the box squat, all of it.”

Cribs said it takes a lot of time to prepare for each opponents.

“There is a lot of preparation to a game to get us prepared,” he said. “It really is like preparing for the task at hand, and when we get on the field we should know what to do.”

In the spring, Cribs competes on the track team.

Cribs said his favorite events in track are the 400 and the 1,600 relay, and he also runs the 100.

He prefers an outside lane when running the 400.

“I like way outside, like lane eight or nine,” Cribs said. “You have to plan your energy, you have to strategize. I just go out fast at the beginning like a regular 200, and then I pace myself at the end.

“I like the 1,600 relay because you have your whole team in that. Like when we beat Brownstown, we had to get Jackson Morris up. We made him push it to get a 53, and I ran anchor.”

In the relays, Cribs likes to run anchor, have the lead when he gets the baton.

His top 400 time is 53 seconds, and he is hoping to break 51 in the spring.

“Last spring was my first year running and I started out with a 59 and I got down to a 53,” Cribs said. “Track is a fun sport and I want to be great at it.”


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Parents: Zidonne Stilours, Claude Cribs

Sibling: Evans

Sports: Football, three years; track, two years

Plans after high school: Aattend Ivy Tech, study audio engineering

Favorite food: Chicken Alfredo

Favorite TV network: ESPN

Favorite musician: Kanye West

Favorite movie: “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Favorite team: Miami Dolphins

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Q: What’s it like attending Seymour High School?

A: “I like being a student here. It’s very cool environment. I like it a lot coming from Florida. The kids are friendly here. I really enjoy the teachers and stuff like that. They are really helpful. They help you get your work done. They give you positive advice.”

Q: How can the Owls find success the rest of the season on the gridiron?

A: “I think it is going to take a team effort (to win more games), no slacking. Play hard every play. You can’t blame the conditions or the weather. You can blame anything except yourself. To beat New Albany it’s going to take even more because they are going to bring it.”

Q: Do you enjoy playing with your brother, Evens, on the football team?

A: “It’s fun having him because we always trash talk. Even if he gets a pass completed on him we talk trash and I ask him, “What’s up with that? It’s fun having him there.”

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What: New Albany (3-4) at Seymour (1-6)

When: 7 p.m. Friday

Where: Bulleit Stadium

Radio: 92.7-WXKU

Last outing: Jeffersonville def. New Albany 25-12, Jennings County def. Seymour 15-14

Most recent meeting: SEymour won 28-27 on Oct. 10, 2014

Series past 30 years: Seymour 10-8


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