Police unsure why teen took gun to school

A Brownstown Central High School student accused of bringing a loaded handgun to school Monday morning made his first appearance in court later that day.

The outcome of that detention hearing in juvenile court means the 15-year-old youth, whose name has not been released, will remain in the Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center in Brownstown until at least a second hearing is conducted Friday.

Brownstown Officer Tom Wright, who is leading the investigation, said police continue to try to determine why the freshman brought the weapon to school. He said police have not found any evidence that anyone had been threatened by the youth.

The youth was detained by a couple of staff members who saw him walking in the hallway when he should have been in class. The youth also had a cellphone, which violated school policy. The cellphone and a weapon found on him after he was detained where collected as evidence.

Wright said Assistant Principal Mark DeHart and counselor Derrick Koch did a good job of getting the situation under control before police could arrive after being summoned by a 911 call for a welfare check. Principal Joe Sheffer also helped keep things calm, Wright said.

“I can’t say enough about how they handled it,” Wright said of the school administrators who had the student in the school office.

Wright said that, when he arrived, he removed the student from the school and took him to Schneck Medical Center in Seymour.

The student, who lives with relatives in the Brownstown area, rode the bus to school Monday morning, Wright said.

Police have been able to determine how the youth came into possession of the gun, but Wright declined to release that information during the ongoing investigation.

“We still have some evidence to process and may have more information for Friday’s hearing,” Wright said Tuesday.

He said he’s not sure about the purpose of that hearing but had been told by the prosecutor’s office to gather as much evidence as he can before the hearing.