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Jonathan Fields played football in seventh and eighth grades at Seymour Middle School before sitting out his freshman year.

He missed the sport and returned to the gridiron his sophomore year and has been part of the Seymour program ever since.

“I didn’t feel I was complete without football,” he said as his reason for deciding to play the past three years. “The football atmosphere here really brings up my spirits, and I like being able to hit other guys and stuff.”

Fields has been a lineman throughout his career with the Owls.

“I’m more offense, but sometimes they have me in on defense,” he said. “I’m usually a right guard, sometimes left guard. Being a right guard, you have to know what the left guard, the right tackle and the center are all doing.”

Fields has blocking assignments for different plays.

“Depending on what play is called will depend on what I have,” Field said. “If they call ‘midline right’ I have a double team with the center, and we both hit the guy who is in the ‘A’ gap. If the guy is in the ‘B’ gap, the center will go up to the linebacker, and I would take the guy who is in the ‘B’ gap.

“If they call ‘trap’ I will go and block the guy who comes up through the line. If they call ‘fly left’ or ‘fly right,’ we will go up and attack a smaller guy like a linebacker or safety or something.”

Fields said he also enjoys playing defense, and said taking care of gap responsibilities is important.

“I usually play inside on defense, a nose or tackle,” he said. “We usually stay in our gaps, but depending on how the other team plays, we run up and go into the backfield. Defense is fun.”

The players have to work hard during practice and pay attention during film sessions, Fields said.

“Practice is very important because practice gets us ready for the game, and prepared,” he said. “We spend a lot of time watching film. When we’re watching film we see what the other team likes to do. If they like to pass, we’ll rush up and try and block the pass. If they like to run, we’ll stay in our gaps and make the play.

“The coaches have very good preparation for the games. After the season has started we add on or take off (plays) every week for who we’re playing.”

Fields said it takes teamwork to be successful.

“It’s 11 guys doing one job for each guy,” he said. “It’s going to take a lot of preparation, and getting our minds and physicality set. It takes full teamwork.

“Team cooperation is the main key in football. The coaching staff has done a very good job working with us. We are getting better each game. We will be prepared when the sectional comes.”

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Parent: Jonathan Fields

Siblings: Lorelei, Anastesia

Sports: football 3 years

Organizations: band

Plans after high school: attend college

Favorite food: pasta

Favorite TV show: “Burn Notice”

Favorite musician: Ozzy Osbourne

Favorite movie: “Little Nicky”

Favorite team: Minnesota Vikings

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Q: Where does success start on the football field?

A: “The weight room is very important. If we do not lift weights we will not be strong enough to take on our opponents.”

Q: What’s it been like attending Seymour High School?

A: “I’ve enjoyed it here. I’ve made a lot of friends. I enjoy my classes. What I’ll remember is the football atmosphere, and all the people here. What I’ll probably remember most is the first and last wins that we’ve had.”

Q: Do you feel like you have an advantage playing at home?

A: “I like the home games because we have big crowds and everybody is loud and everything. It should be exciting for the Jackson Bowl (against Brownstown Central). “


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