Trinity Lutheran girls prevail in battle of big cats


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While the start of the game didn’t emulate the final result, the Trinity Lutheran girls soccer team ended up putting on an offensive showcase on Tuesday against visiting Greenwood Christian Academy.

Trinity was tied with Greenwood for most of the first half but finally took the lead in the 37th minute, when Maddie Roark scored her fourth goal and Trinity had a 4-3 lead, going into halftime.

Following intermission, Trinity didn’t look back as they tallied four more scores to come away with an 8-4 win.

Roark accounted for five of Trinity’s goals of the night.

The second half was much better for Trinity, as Roark was moved back and she helped control the middle of the field.

Senior Sabrina Vierling was assigned to guard Greenwood’s offensive threat, Ellie Wilson.

The adjustment worked well for Trinity as Greenwood only had three shots on goal in the second half.

Greenwood scored with 1:30 to go, which accounted for the final score of the match.

“We hung in there,” Trinity coach Jeff Nolting said. “We were trading off goals, and we came from behind. The last 20 minutes of the first half, I thought we played a much better game. Of course, when Maddie Roark can score at will and get us in the lead that helps.”

Roark drove the ball in and scored unassisted with her four first half goals.

Trinity’s defense controlled the second half, combined with Vierling’s strong defense at back, plus Kirstin Hoene scoring her first career goal on a penalty kick.

“I was pleased with Sabrina Vierling, our senior back,” Nolting said. “She did a lot of good things back there. She neutralized their best player, Wilson.”

Roark was moved back since the Academy was controlling the middle in the first half, and Nolting was pleased with her play.

“The game came to (Roark), and I can’t say enough about the two corner kicks we scored on,” Nolting said. “Maddie (Roark) kicked both of those to Maddie Bell (who accounted for two goals), and the two Maddies scored again and both times. (Roark) delivered a beautiful ball into the middle, and Maddie (Bell) scored on both.

“A lot of good things happened tonight,” Nolting said.

On Thursday Trinity (4-3) will host Brown County.

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