Working together makes progress possible


Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of columns from agencies served by Jackson County United Way.

“Unity is strength … when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

— Mattie Stepanek

The above quote embodies how we view our relationship with Jackson County United Way.

This year Turning Point Domestic Violence Services turns 40 years old and for 31 of those years we have been the beneficiary of a solid working partnership with the Jackson County United Way.

Through this collaboration we have been able to build and grow our programs in Jackson County thanks to the efforts made on our behalf by Jackson County United Way.

They have opened doors for us, made introductions, created opportunities for community connections and advocated on our behalf. All for the betterment of the citizens of the community they serve.

As a multi-county agency, we face many and different challenges in each of the counties in our region. Each county has its own personality and set of special needs and ways to meet those needs.

Through the years the Jackson County United Way staff has helped our staff members navigate and successfully meet those needs specific to Jackson County in the best ways possible, through networking, training and community involvement opportunities.

In just this past year our local office has established a Teens for Change group thanks to the support of the Jackson County United Way.

Teens for Change is a dating violence awareness and prevention council, that is run completely by teens.

They work together to promote healthy relationships in their community and others by planning, organizing and executing events to help educate the community about Dating Violence.

The competent and professional staff of Jackson County United Way is always willing to help and they represent the spirit of collaboration of the Jackson County community. Everything they do is with the mantra of partnership and community need.

Most recently we have begun the process of creating a Community Coalition for Jackson County, a group of community representatives whose professional or personal lives interface with the issue of domestic and dating violence.

The purpose being to raise awareness of our intervention and prevention programs in the hope we can reach those who need our services. This community-based group can be our eyes and ears in Jackson County.

The Jackson County United Way helped us identify potential members and made introductions to facilitate this initiative. As we move forward with this coalition building in Jackson County we will continue to collaborate with with the local United Way as our key community partner.

We are proud to be a part of the Jackson County United Way family and enthusiastically participate in their mission as they do in ours. Thank you Jackson County United Way for everything you do to make Jackson County a great community.

Lisa Shafran is president Turning Point Domestic Violence Services. Send comments to [email protected].

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