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For Seymour senior captain Louisa Carter, the teamwork of stringing together passes before leading to a goal is the best feeling on the pitch.

“My favorite moments in a soccer game is when we have a great build up all the way down the field, and we have great passes along the sideline and then somebody crosses it and we make our way up the field to that moment where you shoot,” Carter said.

“You have to have a lot of participation (from the team). It’s great to have a team to work with throughout the season. It takes a lot of communication.”

Carter said she began playing soccer in kindergarten but took a brief break from the sport.

She picked it up in fourth grade when she played club soccer with the Seymour Cyclones, and she hasn’t stopped playing “the beautiful game” since.

Carter played a lot of offense when she was younger, but once she got to high school she switched to defense and she said she enjoys playing there.

“My freshman year, in one of my first games they put me on defense,” Carter said. “I hadn’t even practiced it, and ever since then I’ve played defense. We have four people on our back line. We have two center backs and two outside defense. I’m inside.

“You’re right next to the goalie and you can see everything out in front of you. You’re a set of eyes for them back there. You’re an option for the ball to come back to you, and you can take control of the game. You’ve got to stay one step ahead.”

Carter’s assignment depends on the situation.

“We can run up to and make some plays and get involved in the midfield,” Carter said. “I’d say marking up players is definitely a big part of the game, all those tactics.”

Regulation high school matches are made up of two 40-minute halves, and Carter said she has to be in tip-top shape to perform with the best of them.

“We definitely have to be in good physical shape. We spend a lot of time in the summer, in the offseason staying in shape.”

Carter and Elizabeth Davis are the only two seniors that have played under Coach Greg Musser through all four years of his tenure.

“Coach (Greg) Musser’s first year was my freshman year,” Carter said. “I’ve been with him throughout high school, and I feel like we’ve really started to change the culture of soccer in Seymour. We’ve been working hard to build up this program, to make people want to come to our games and support us.

“I feel like we’ve made a lot of progress the past four years. We would definitely like to have a winning season and win a sectional game.”

Carter said that mental toughness is important for a soccer team.

“We all have to build each other up and perform well,” Carter said. “That positive mindset is everything. You need confidence.”

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Parents: Michelle and Raphael Carter

Siblings: Seth

Sports: Soccer, four years; track, one year

Athletic highlights: all-conference, academic all-state, and two-year team captain

Organizations: National Honor Society vice president, student government, band, French Club, yearbook, St. Ambrose youth group

Plans after high school: Attend College

Favorite good:Ccoffee

Favorite TV show: “Friends”

Favorite music genre: Classic/alternative rock

Favorite team: United States Women’s National Team (soccer)

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Q: What part of your game has improved the most on the soccer field?

A: “Building up ball skills and applying them to the game has been a big thing for me. I feel like we really encourage that in practice a lot, and I feel like I can apply that to the game.”

Q: What has it been like attending Seymour High School?

A: “SHS has been a great foundation, and my involvement in soccer has allowed me to excel there. I’m thankful for the opportunity that soccer has given me here in Seymour, and how much of a family is has built for me.”

Q: What’s it like playing at C.B. Hess Memorial Soccer Field?

A: “I like them. We have a lot of great support from our parents and friends, and everyone that comes out and supports us.”


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