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Jordan Henry began playing football in the sixth grade, in the Seymour Elementary League, and has been a two-way player throughout his career at receiver and a defensive back.

Playing mostly JV the past two years, Henry figures to see a lot of playing time with the Owls’ varsity this fall.

Henry contributed on both sides of ball in the Aug. 21 season-opener against Silver Creek as he caught three passes for 38 yards and a touchdown on offense, and had five tackles on defense.

“I started on offense,” Henry said. “After a couple of plays on defense, I came in and I played the rest of the game. On offense I block for the player running the ball, and I catch it.”

As for his blocking assignment, Henry said he looks for the corner and tries to push them outside.

“I just want to catch it and help my teammates,” Henry said of his receiving role. “I had four thrown to me against Silver Creek and I caught three. My favorite pattern is probably the post. You go straight up a few yards and cut it diagonally and head for the goal post. I mainly focus on catching the ball.”

Henry said he enjoys defense, where he lines up at cornerback on the left side.

“I protect the pass, and when the ball is coming to my side I get off the block and go get the ball,” he said.

“(Defensive captain Chris Knight) will call the play, and the play will determine what I look for,” Henry said. “We play mainly zone.”

When a pass is thrown to the receiver he is covering, Henry doesn’t want to become too aggressive and get called for pass interference.

“When you’re running with the guy you have to keep looking at him, and you’ll know when the ball comes because his eyes will get real big and you can turn around and ‘play’ the ball,” Henry said. “The wind can affect the ball a lot, whether you are playing offense or defense.”

The senior has big goals in his final year with the Owls.

“I want to try to get all-conference receiver, and on defense I want to start,” Henry said. “I need to work after practice with my route running, and get better at it all.”

Henry said the summer scrimmages were important to the whole team.

“We just make sure we work with (quarterback Alan Perry) a lot and have him throw a lot of balls to us so we know how he throws,” Henry said. “Practice means a lot to us because without practice you’re just not going to win ball games. We just need to keep working hard and not let this (Silver Creek) loss get to us. We need to keep making our game plans good.”

This season, Henry feels there is enough talent on the roster to get the program turned around this fall.

“We definitely have a lot more players this year, and the talent is here this year,” Henry said. “We’ve improved our size and strength a lot. We need to keep working at that. We should win a lot of games.

“If you believe in your team, and they believe in you, then it’s all about the discipline.”

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Parent: Terri Henry

Sibling: Briana

Sports: Football, four years

Organizations: Latin Club

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite TV show: “Friday Night Lights”

Favorite team: Indianapolis Colts

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Q: What’s it like playing under the Friday night lights?

A: “They are a lot of fun. The big crowd helps a lot and helps the whole team because it gets us more pumped up, and we like all the support, and its nice playing under the lights.”

Q: What’s one of your most memorable games playing with the Owls?

A: “Last year against Floyd Central, I ran a slant and it ended up being a 70-yard touchdown.”

Q: What do you like about Seymour High School?

“I just like the facility, and all the teachers here are really nice and just have a lot in common. I’ll remember that I worked hard, and put it all out there on the field and left it out on the field, and that I gave it all I had.”