School roof replacement moves ahead



Maintenance personnel with Crothersville Community School Corp. recently reported problems with the school building’s roof.

School leaders decided it was time to eliminate those issues by replacing the roof.

They received two bids. South Central Roofing Inc. of Columbus offered the lower one and will use what school architect Hal Kovert considers the best product.

The cost is $247,000, but that won’t be coming out of local taxpayers’ pockets, thanks to the efforts of school trustees, Superintendent Terry Goodin said.

The corporation received money by refinancing bonds from the construction cycle.

“We refunded our bonds, we refinanced them, and the money that we saved on the refinance, we put into rehab on the building,” Goodin said. “We’re not raising any new tax dollars, not raising taxes to be able to work on the school. This is all coming from money that we received from the refinancing.”

South Central Roofing officials told Goodin they hope to begin working on the roof before the end of September. They said the project should take 14 to 20 days.

Goodin said the company will use a Duro-Last type of product, which the school has had installed in the past.

“It’s an actual cover,” he said. “It’s a rubber type of material, but it’s more pliable and more flexible, unlike the older rubber. It’s actually white, so it reflects the sunlight and heat instead of black that absorbs it.”

The roof should have a 20- to 25-year lifespan, Goodin said.

In the past, he said, the roof has been replaced in different sections. The last time a section was replaced was 2003, but it has been about 20 years since work has been performed on a large portion of the roof.

The new project will be for a little more than half the building’s roof. The building houses the junior-senior high school and elementary school.

“We’ve had some problems, so we decided there are certain sections that aren’t quite 20 years old, and we’ll replace them, as well,” Goodin said.

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