Thumbs-Up, Thumbs-Down – August 21

Community dining

Thumbs-up and thanks to all the volunteers who have shopped, cooked, served or cleaned up after the meal. Thanks to those who came and partook of those meals at the Community Diner.Sally Spurgeon, Community Diner board member

Award winning

Thumbs-up to Jackson County Community Service Council for nominating and recently awarding Human Services Inc. of Jackson County the council’s yearly award for providing services to those in need in the county.Sally Spurgeon

Providing help

Thumbs-up to Kristopher Hunley, Daniel Trosch and Angie Coomer for their efforts to establish a rehabilitation center for men in the area who are dealing with addiction issues. The trio plans to use a long-neglected nursing home on the east side of Seymour for Todd’s Place Transitional Housing and Detox Center, which they hope to open in the coming days.

Best in State

Thumbs-up to Taylor Schuerman of Seymour for exhibiting the 4-H grand champion gilt at the Indiana State Fair.

Leading specialist

Thumbs-up to Seymour High School’s Celeste Bowman who recently received the prestigious Outstanding Specialist Award at the Jobs for America’s Graduates National training seminar in New Orleans. The award was given to Bowman for her efforts in increasing graduation rates and student participation. Her leadership and positive influence on the students helped Indiana’s Jobs for America’s Graduates program earn several national awards.Trash talkThumbs-down to the people in Seymour who leave their trash bins in the street and in front of their houses. It looks and smells terrible. We were maybe better off when trash was kept in the alley. Drive down East Third Street and it is starting to look like a city dump. No one seems to know what to do about it. Either clean it up and keep trash bins in the back of your house or maybe get fined. Seems pretty simple to me. It takes only about three minutes of your day once a week to put these cans away. Let’s all try to keep Seymour clean so we can all take a little more pride in our city.

Helen Gonzales

No sale

Thumbs-down to people who leave up their yard and garage sale signs long after the event is over.Anonymous