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Some high school football players recall scoring a game-winning touchdown as a career highlight, while others say making a game-saving tackle as a key play for them — but for Seymour’s Chris Knight it has been the early-morning practices that has brought the team together that has him excited.

“Probably the 6 a.m. workouts,” Knight listed as his highlight. “You can’t get a lot of those back. Every one of those makes you better. Usually I have one or two granola bars before I come (to practice) to give me a little bit of energy. You don’t want to practice (on an empty stomach) because you don’t have any energy.”

Knight began his football career at Columbus in the PAL (Police Athletic League).

He played at Seymour Middle School in eighth grade, then played freshman ball at Seymour High School and started as the safety on the varsity his sophomore year.

Knight is in his third year of playing safety for the Owls.

Last fall, Knight led the Owls in tackles while earning the teams’ most valuable player award.

Like most defensive players, he said he enjoys hitting people.

“The best thing to do is to get up and make a play,” Knight said. “I try to make a big play every time.”

On the defense, Knight said he keys-in on the quarterback early and often.

“My first assignment would be eyes on the quarterback,” Knight said. “I can usually see in between the linemen, all that and find the ball. Whenever I see the ball I just go for it. I’m usually head up on the center, about 10 to 12 yards back.”

Knight said he feels the Owls will be stronger up front this fall.

“After all the weights and stuff we’ve been through, summer and offseason, we’re a lot stronger than we’ve ever been,” Knight said. “We should make a lot of stops this year.”

The athletes take weight classes during the school year, and Knight said, “It’s mostly the intensity. If it wasn’t for the intensity and the energy we wouldn’t improve at all.”

Knight said his favorite lift in the weight room is the power clean, and his top lift there is 235.

He said he thinks that is a good weight for his playing weight, 165 pounds.

During the past couple of years Knight said he’s gained nearly 40 pounds.

This season, Knight said he figures to step up his playing time on offense this fall at wide receiver.

“I like to make the big catches,” he said. “Every catch is big to me. I do all the work I can to get open to catch the ball for my teammates.

“Our intensity and energy has always been a factor, and I feel like it has gotten better every year. I feel thankful and blessed to play football here.”

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Parents: Brad and Michelle Knight, Marc and Kathy Littleton

Siblings: Brooke, Jalen, Greg

Sports: Football, four years; track and field, one year

Athletic highlights: 2014 most valuable player, award for most tackles, HHC honorable mention at defensive back.

Plans after high school: Attend college

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite TV show: “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Favorite singer/musicians: Drake

Favorite movie: “The Other Guys”

Favorite team: Oregon Ducks

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Q: What’s it like having your dad as an assistant coach?

A: “On the field, I don’t consider him my dad. He’s more of a coach, and then when we’re at home he helps me with some of the coaching stuff. When we’re at home he’s more of a dad.”

Q: Do you feel like this year’s team is stronger as a whole?

A: “Absolutely. You win as a team, not just one person. We need to come together and play as a team. Last year we had a couple key players, but this year we have more than 11 dudes that will all come together.”

Q: What’s it like playing at Bulleit Stadium?

A: “The home games are very loud. The opening kickoff is the probably the exciting moment you’ll ever feel.”