Letter: U.S. headed down same path as Greece


To the editor:

Greece vs. U.S.

For those of you who have not been watching the debacle between Greece and the European Union (EU), this is the mirror image of where our United States economy debacle is headed.

Although the Greek economy is rather small in comparison to that of the United States which is the largest in the world, what has been going on in Greece is also going on in the United States: Living beyond our means.

The Greek people have been used to getting free stuff from their government for years. I recently read a statistic that said that 47 percent of the people in the United States receive free stuff from either the U.S. government or their state government.

That is getting dangerously close to the point where more people will be receiving free stuff than are those who are paying for all that free stuff.

Once people start receiving free stuff, they vote to continue to receive their free stuff and that is what has happened in Greece.

Our country is spiraling ever downward to become another “Greece.”

There is one difference, however. With Greece, being a rather small economy, they have the deep pockets of the EU to bail them out. But with the U.S. being the largest economy in the world, there will be no other country or economy to bail us out.

Maybe China will be the bailer. If that happens the United States will become a communist country. China will tell our people how much free stuff they will get or will not get.

China will tell our people what they can do and what they cannot do. China will tell our people where they can live and where they cannot.

Where will you and I be then? I’ll probably be under the grass by then, but my children and grandchildren will have to deal with it.

There will no doubt be rioting in the streets and pillaging of thy neighbor. The brutality of the Chinese troops will show no mercy in quelling the trouble.

Think about all the free stuff our politicians keep promising in order to get elected.

They keep kicking the can down the road so they can get re-elected, not caring about how the free stuff will be paid for.

Become acquainted with the people running for office who have the backbone to tell it like it is and not to make promises they know cannot be kept.

Phil Cordes


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