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Nigel Myers began playing baseball in Brownstown when he was six-years-old.

He continued to play throughout his elementary and middle school days, then he decided to make a change and took up golf for two years.

After his sophomore year at Brownstown Central, he missed baseball and returned to the sport the past two springs.

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“I enjoy baseball. I love the game,” he said. “My favorite part is probably the team atmosphere, how we work as a team, and when somebody is down try to get them back up.

“I like left field the best because more balls are hit there, and I know that position the best.”

Myer said communication is important not only between him and the centerfielder but also with the third baseman and shortstop.

“Usually the center fielder talks the most because he is kind of the captain of the outfield and we just kind of listen, but we all help each other and tell them where the fence is, where the ball is, back up each other, just basic stuff,” he said.

“On a fly ball over the infielders, we usually try to charge and back him up if he can’t get to it or something.”

When Myers batted, most of the time he prepared himself for a fastball on the first pitch but occasionally he had to hit a curve or change-up.

“A lot of pitchers threw fastballs, but you got a few that threw backwards,” Myers said. “I really didn’t pay that much attention; I just tried to put the bat on the ball.”

Myers tried to go with the pitch and hit outside strikes to right field and pull inside pitches to left or hit them up the middle.

He also mentioned that it felt good to hit balls into the gaps for doubles off high fastballs.

For Myers, strong practices translated to live game situations.

“Practice was a big thing. We tried to put new stuff in and just tried to get better as a team,” Myers said.

Myers said the fun practices were the scrimmages where the Braves would work on game-type situations.

“We practiced like it was a game and we wanted to get rid of the physical errors and the mental errors,” Myers said. “If the coach saw us doing something wrong we corrected it the proper way.

“The mental part of sports is key because if you get down it’s like a bad habit, a disease, and everybody wants to go down with you. Once you’re up, and everybody else is up, it’s contagious and you’re going to have a good outlook.”

The senior will always remember his time with the Braves, on and off the field.

“I love it here,” Myers said. “It’s a great community, great teachers. I like how everybody comes to everything. I’m going to remember everything about high school. It’s been fun. I could do sports, activities, everything. The four years have been a blast.”

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Parents: Jodi and Perry

Siblings: Blaine, Dalton

Sports: baseball 2 years, golf 2 years.

Favorite away diamond: Floyd Central

Organization: Booster Club

Plans after high school: attend college

Favorite food: steak

Favorite TV show: “Big Bang Theory”

Favorite singer: Eric Church

Favorite movie: “Lone Survivor”

Favorite athlete: Chris Bosh

Favorite book: Cincinnati Reds

Favorite books: “The Heat”


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