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t Brownstown Central, Bailey Bonebright played specific roles for the softball and basketball programs.

She acted as an outfielder in softball and a guard in basketball.

“I’ve always been an outfielder,” she said. “Right field has always been my main position. When a right hander hits the ball it usually slices toward the line so you have to be aware of the wind and everything.

“A left-hander would probably slap so we have to pull our defense in case they try to slap it over the infielder’s heads.”

In the field, Bonebright said that communication is important to minimize hits and scores.

“If you’re coming in on a short ball you have to talk and make sure, as an outfielder, you probably have a better angle so you want to call them off because they’re going back on the ball,” Bonebright said. If they do call you off you have to bail out.

“Our centerfielder, Beth Wayman, is very good about helping us, like if we’re close to the fence and scoot closer to her or to the line. She is good at what she does. The wind is very tricky. You have to make sure you know which way it is blowing and make sure you get under the ball and have enough time to catch it.”

In the box, Bonebright needed patience for success.

“When I’m in the batter’s box I just stay relaxed,” Bonebright said. “Hitting is my favorite thing to do. I have a good time with it. It always evens out. Once you have a lot of success it’s going to even out with the struggles so you just have to get out of a slump and keep your head up.”

On the hardwood, the Braves relied on Bone-bright for an offensive spark. She always looked to take the open shots.

“My job was to help bring the ball down the floor and get the offense going and take shots when I was open,” Bonebright said. “I just tried to get the team going and get the ball into the post.

“I was not the point guard. I was more like the shooting guard.”

Bonebright’s high-point game was scoring 11 against South Knox in the Eastern Greene Holiday Tournament.

“I liked shooting 3s from the wing,” she said. “When you were facing a zone and you kind of had to use more of your shooters because they were packing it in, and it just depended if you were hitting your shots that day. Playing against man-to-man defense is also fun because you get to use screens and take quick shots.”

The senior enjoyed the challenge of one-on-one defenses.

“I liked playing man-to-man when we were on defense because you’re on your feet and you never get caught standing.”

Bonebright said you have to believe in your ability and in your teammates.

“Mental is the biggest part of sports because if your head is not in it, it can take you out of a game,” she said. “You have to have a good attitude and be confident in yourself when you’re playing.

“Practice is very important, especially for us softball players because we play 28 games in two months. We practice at the beginning of the season and then we have just one or two practices a week. We needed to concentrate when we were on the field and make sure we did things right.”

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Name: Bailey Bonebright

Parents: Mark and Paula Bonebright

Sibling: Blaine

Sports: softball 4 years, basketball 4 years, volleyball 2 years

Athletic highlights: basketball- winning 2014 sectional

Favorite away gym: Charlestown

Favorite away field: Floyd Central

Plans after high school: attend University of Indianapolis, study physical therapy

Favorite musician: Luke Bryan

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite athlete: Joey Votto

Favorite team: Cincinnati Reds

Favorite quote: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing your game.”


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